News: CCU Launches M.S. in Psychology

CCU Announces New Master of Science in Psychology Degree

University Poised to Produce the Next Generation of Leaders in the Mental Health Profession

Colorado Christian University is proud to announce its new Master of Science in Psychology degree as part of an ongoing commitment to an expansion of programming for those seeking to understand the interplay of faith and science in the field of psychology.

"For current and prospective students who possess a heart to help others and desire a deeper understanding of human, social, and emotional behaviors, the CCU master's degree in psychology can open the door to countless possibilities," said Dr. David Murphy, dean of the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences. "The consistent growth of our graduate study programs affirms that people want to integrate Christian faith into their careers. It's exciting and encouraging."

Preparing students with a solid foundation in the major theories and principles of psychology, the new graduate-level degree program takes a compassionate and culturally sensitive approach to help students understand the complexities of human behaviors.

Through experiential learning and mentoring relationships with experts in the field, students who pursue the Psychology master's degree will be equipped to successfully apply critical-thinking skills and principles of psychology in human, social, and applied contexts.

"At CCU, the master's degree in Psychology provides a unique and distinct approach to help students discover how faith interacts with science in the field, exploring all course material from a biblical lens, and observing the powerful influence of a Christian worldview in the realm of psychology," added Murphy. "Graduates of the program will be well prepared to impact the world with grace and truth in various professional and leadership settings and in further studies or areas of specialization."

The Master of Science in Psychology program is conveniently offered 100% online through CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies and provides next-level learning opportunities for growth and career opportunities in the ever-expanding field of psychology. The degree is an excellent match for students who have already earned their bachelor's degree and want to further their ability to help others overcome challenges involving human behavior in a wide variety of career options or to serve as a stepping stone toward graduate studies at the doctoral level.

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