Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Amanda Furness

Meet Dr. Amanda Furness

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D., in Bioanalytical Chemistry (University of Kansas)
  • B.S., in Chemistry (Briar Cliff University)
  • B.A., in Spanish (Briar Cliff University)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Amanda Furness’ doctoral work focused on studying the neurochemical effects of epilepsy. After graduating, Furness did two years of post-doctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with Harvard Medical School. There her research focused on developing novel therapies for the rare, childhood genetic disorder, mucolipidosis IV.

After expanding her research wheelhouse, Furness realized that her true passion was for people. Having gone to a small liberal arts Christian university, she knew she wanted to return to that environment. Being at CCU, Furness believes she has truly found her God-given calling.

Furness and her husband moved from Boston to the greater Denver area in May 2019. They enjoy golfing and skiing in their free time.

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  • Furness, Amanda M., Pal, Ranu, Michaelis, Elias K., Lunte, Craig E. Lunte, Susan M. “Neurochemical investigation of locally induced seizures using microdialysis sampling” in press, Brain Research
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