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School of Science and Engineering

At Colorado Christian University, you'll gain a strong foundation in the sciences. We offer programs in biology, health sciences, industrial engineering, pre-med, and general science. We aim to help our students explore the world that God created, use cutting-edge technology, and discover how faith interacts with questions that arise out of studying science. We focus on teaching our students how to articulate a Christian perspective on issues like bioethics, ecology, and human life.

Our Purpose

To advance and promote the Kingdom of Jesus Christ by equipping our graduates to pursue vocations in engineering, biology, and the health sciences in a competent and responsible way, as informed by a Christian worldview.

There are many advantages to studying science and engineering at CCU. One of the major advantages is that you will study alongside fellow Christians who will both challenge and encourage you. Because of our low student-to-faculty ratio, you'll personally get to know your professors who will help you determine how you can use your gifts to impact the world.

By studying the sciences at CCU, you will:

  • Apply scientific methods to your studies
  • Use the instruments and techniques of biological research to comprehend essential facts and principles of biology
  • Learn to communicate scientifically, using scientific notation and terminology
  • Learn to articulate and defend a Christian perspective on ethical and controversial issues in science