Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Chuck King

Meet Dr. Chuck King

Degrees and Experience
  • J.D. (University of Denver)
  • MBA (Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Business)
  • B.A., Business and Economics (Southwestern College)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Chuck King is of counsel to the Law Firms of King & Hart LLC and Thomas N. Scheffel & Associates P.C. He is a managing partner and senior consultant for Capstone Alliance, LLC.

He practices and consults in the areas of Human Resource Management, Corporate Law, and Strategic Planning (in both for-profit and nonprofit arenas) and has a strong background in litigation.

He is a frequent seminar speaker and has conducted seminars throughout the United States and Asia. King is a former FBI Agent and has served as Labor Relations Manager and Corporate Manager of Employment for Samsonite Corporation.