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The Pioneering Witness for Christ in the Workplace is Competence.

Our Mission

The pioneering witness for Christ in the workplace is competence. The enduring witness for Christ in the workplace is character. Our mission is to prepare competent and ethical graduates.

COMPETENCE plus CHARACTER equals a consistent witness for Christ.

There is no larger mission field than the business world, and no other place where the world needs higher ethical standards. The business programs at CCU are designed to develop a new generation of business professionals: men and women who are leaders, team players, delegates, doers, strategists, and practitioners.

Business and leadership in the Christian university

With recent trends in corporate America, there is a rising demand for a new kind of business leader — one equipped with practical knowledge, sound decision-making skills, entrepreneurial vision, and an ethical focus.

The world needs leaders who understand that “ethics” isn’t just the topic of the day, but is central to how we operate in business and in everyday life. At CCU, we teach that ethics must rely upon an understanding of morality based upon Scripture and a Christian worldview, and that sets our business students apart. Business ethics are addressed in every class, and the infusion of faith and learning happens in every class session.


Your future is important, that’s why every School of Business and Leadership student is encouraged to request a mentoring relationship with a faculty member. Countless students have learned from this experience and benefited from connections through mentoring relationships.

Outstanding faculty

There’s no better way to learn what will be required of you in the business world than to study under CCU business professors who have outstanding, competitive academic credentials and relevant practitioner experience.

All professors in the School of Business and Leadership have advanced degrees and all are required to remain active in business and commerce. Many of our professors have worked in law firms, Fortune 500 companies, high tech companies, or small firms — we even have a professor who is a former FBI agent.

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