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Learn More About CCU's School of Business and Leadership at CCU

Philosophy of education

Our unique approach to business education not only prepares you to make immediate and significant contributions in your chosen field, it also prepares you for the challenges and ethical dilemmas you will face in the corporate world. Our faculty members are both academically and professionally qualified.

Practitioner professors

Most of our full-time faculty have earned (or are about to earn) the terminal degree in their areas of expertise and more importantly, have years of "real-world" experience in the areas in which they teach. Accounting professors have practiced accounting as Certified Public Accountants, controllers for corporations, or accountants for governmental entities. Management professors have served at the highest levels of Fortune 500 companies. Leadership professors have years of experience in leading organizations and have taught leadership skills in countries all around the world. Likewise, marketing, computer information systems, and finance professors have achieved high levels of success in their areas of expertise.

Our Christian business school professors are continuing to practice in their professions as consultants, business owners, and board members. In addition to our full-time faculty, we strategically utilize a highly competent cadre of affiliate professors who are current practitioners in the world of business and leadership.

Christian professional mentors

The faculty in the School of Business and Leadership is composed of Christians who are dedicated to mentoring the next generation of business and organizational leaders. They have lived their faith in the business world and feel called to prepare you to do the same.

Many of our alumni tell us that their academic training was excellent, but one-on-one mentoring with their professors was the thing that really changed their lives and prepared them to take their faith into the work place. As a student in our business and leadership school, you'll have a faculty member that chooses to be your personal mentor. We also provide you with a number of other opportunities to be mentored through internships, our SBL business forums, the Christian Business Leaders organization, the Phi Beta Lambda business honorary society, and frequent presentations by guest speakers and lecturers.

Graduates with real-world experience

Our students and alumni are influencing the world for Christ through employment with Fortune 500 Companies, top consulting firms, small local companies, and entrepreneurial ventures. Because of their understanding and passion for free markets, our students understand the role of entrepreneurship both within companies and in independent ventures. An elected officer and regional vice-president for a Fortune Top 50 company said of our students that he had employed, "They are different than the average college student because they are looking for the opportunity to improve the company and they don't come to us values neutral." Each of our classes examines how the skills and knowledge of the discipline can be applied to the large company, the mid-size regional company, and the new start-up venture.

A community of excellence

An overriding goal of the Colorado Christian University School of Business and Leadership is to cultivate your knowledge of and love for God in a Christ-centered community of learners and scholars. We train you to have an enduring commitment to the integration of exemplary academics, spiritual formation, and engagement with the world of business and commerce. We use the case study approach in most of our classes which means you can practice what you're learning in a safe environment. We try to keep you from the pressure of needing to implement textbook material into your first job without having practiced it with peers and professors in the classroom. Some case studies are completed individually while many are accomplished in small groups. This gives you the opportunity to develop strong teamwork skills, which are highly sought after by organizations hiring graduates.