FaithDriven Live

FaithDriven Live Conference
September 28-29, 2022
Livestreamed from Nairobi, Kenya

For two decades, the Values Aligned Leadership Summit (VALS) showcased CCU's premier School of Business and Leadership to thousands of local business people, attracting world-class speakers and affording students an excellent opportunity to network with local employers.

This legacy continues with VAL's successor, FaithDriven Live, with FaithDriven Entrepreneur and FaithDriven Investor sessions livestreamed from Nairobi, Kenya to 300 locations around the world, including Colorado Christian University. The two-day conference on September 28-29, 2022 will feature some of the world's most renowned business people zooming in to share their perspectives on what it means to be a Christian and a successful business leader.

We hope you will consider attending and networking with students as well as local Christian business leaders.

Donations toward hosting this event at Colorado Christian University are much appreciated and will assist us in securing a live speaker as well as providing scholarships for people who wish to attend. Please email Cheryl Ratzlaff, administrator for the School of Business and Leadership, with any questions.

Please check back for conference details.

About the School of Business and Leadership

The mission of the School of Business and Leadership is to prepare competent and ethical graduates. At CCU, "ethics" isn’t just the topic of the day, but is central to how we operate in business and in everyday life. We teach that ethics must rely upon an understanding of morality based upon Scripture and a Christian worldview, and that sets our business students apart.

The School of Business and Leadership offers a variety of academic programs ranging from Accounting and Economics to Leadership, Marketing, Management and Technology. Courses are taught CCU School of Business and Leadership faculty who have outstanding, competitive academic credentials and relevant practitioner experience.