Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ian Clary

Meet Dr. Ian Clary

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D., Historical Theology (University of the Free State)
  • Th.M., Historical Theology (Toronto Baptist Seminary)
  • M.Div. (Toronto Baptist Seminary)
  • BTS (Toronto Baptist Seminary)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Ian Clary is a native of Canada; most recently he lived in Toronto, Ontario, where he served as a minister at West Toronto Baptist Church. He taught at various institutions in Canada, including Redeemer University College and Heritage College and he continues to lecture at Munster Bible College in Cork, Ireland.

Clary's doctoral work looked at issues dealing with the Christian interpretation of history with a particular focus on early-modern British evangelicalism. His master's work looked at the reception history of patristics into the post-Reformation period with a focus on Christology.

Dr. Clary is a fellow of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies; the London Lyceum; the Center for Baptist Renewal; and was recently a board member with the Davenant Institute. He is also a co-host of the Into Theology podcast through The Gospel Coalition Canada, and the book review editor for Evangelical Quarterly.

Clary and his wife Vicky live in Lakewood with their four children: Jack, Molly, Kate, and Tom. They are members of Calvary Redeeming Grace Church in Lakewood.

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  • Contributed entries to: "The Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States" (Rowman and Littlefield, 2016) and "The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia" (Eerdmans, 2017)
  • Published other articles and reviews in: Evangelical Quarterly; Religious Studies Review; Fides et Humilitas; Foundations; Mid-America Journal of Theology; Reformed Theological Review; Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology; Puritan Reformed Journal; Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministries; Journal of Baptist Studies; American Theological Inquiry.
  • Scholarly presentations for: Institute for the Studies of Religion (Baylor); the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies (SBTS); Evangelical Theological Society; Canadian Baptist Historical Society; CCU annual Symposium