Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Joyce Curry

Meet Dr. Joyce Curry

Degrees and Experience
  • B.S. Biology/Chemistry
  • M.S. Biology/Chemistry
  • Ph.D. Nutrition/Exercise Physiology
Biography and Professional Achievements

I have been teaching for 27 years and I have had the opportunity to instruct a plethora of biology, kinesiology, and nutritional classes on the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels to both non-major and major allied health students.

Each opportunity taught me more about how to be an effective teacher and provided me with unique insight into effective strategies to reach all students. I am growth minded and try to instill confidence in each student and hold each one to the highest standards.

  • Unique Ketogenic Medium Chain Triglyceride Product Rapidly Enhances Brain Function: A Pilot Investigational Study Neil E Wolkodoff, Gerald M Haase and Joy Curry, American College of Sports Medicine, June 2020
  • The Effects of a Unique Bergamot Supplement on Fitness Factors and Mood in Menopausal Women: An Initial Investigation Neil E Wolkodoff, Gerald M Haase and Joy Curry, Annals of Women's Health, May 2020
Faith and Learning

Colorado Christian University fosters teaching of the whole person - I find this idea of educating the most inspiring. The University cultivates not only a student’s cognitive, analytic and problem-solving abilities, but it aims to nurture their development across every dimension: emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Because of this, Colorado Christian University is where I am called to serve. I love being able to integrate Jesus into Science and teach students not only just the Science but the “why” behind it.

Connecting with students through Christ-centered, God honoring first-class academics and everyday life is my calling and I am blessed to be able to call Colorado Christian University my home.