Faculty Spotlight: Jeremy Porier

Meet Jeremy Porier

Degrees and Experience
  • M.S. Information Systems (University of Colorado, Denver)
  • B.S. Computer Information Systems (Colorado Christian University)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
Biography and Professional Achievements

Jeremy Porier is a Wisconsin native who moved to Colorado in 1997. He has held a wide variety of positions in Information Technology including strategic leadership, business analyst, database administrator, software developer, webmaster, and network/security engineer. Porier still maintains his own IT consulting practice, helping small to medium size businesses solve a variety of problems and improve their security posture.

In 2001 Professor Porier began teaching in a part time role and transitioned to a full-time faculty career in 2011. His passion is in helping students reach their full potential as ambassadors of Christ out in the workplace.

Faith and Learning

There is no such thing as a "values neutral" education. No matter how hard an instructor may try, their beliefs will show through in their instruction. This is why I believe that continually working to strengthen my own faith is the most important thing I can do to integrate faith and learning. As I pursue Christ, I am constantly finding more examples of how God's word is the foundation for what we teach. This means that God's truth is infused in my courses, rather than something that is separate and awkwardly added on as an afterthought.