Faculty Spotlight: Jeffry Yeates

Meet Jeffry Yeates

Degrees and Experience
  • M.A., Curriculum and Instruction (Colorado Christian University)
  • MBA (University of Colorado)
  • B.A., Mathematics (Westmont College)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Jeffry Yeates is a native of Colorado. After obtaining his undergraduate degree in mathematics at Westmont College in 1980, he moved to Silicon Valley where he began his professional career in programming with the Lockheed Corporation. Over the next 14 years, Yeates programmed a wide variety of computers in Assembly language, Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Unix, C++, and was part of the Ada language development team.

His experience with real-time monitoring of silicon chip manufacturing and developing user interfaces broadened his experience in the computer industry. His many projects as a small business owner required learning 2D graphics, 3D graphics, audio and video editing suites from Adobe, Apple, New Tek, and Global Streams. Yeates' thesis for his Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction was curriculum for Apple Computer's new computer language, Swift. Before joining the School of Business at CCU as an adjunct professor he learned C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Azure, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Having joined the School of Business at CCU this year as an associate professor, he is now focused on transferring his knowledge of programming, analysis, love of learning, and thinking-outside-the-box to a new generation of students. Yeates believes you are never too old to learn. He lives in Erie, Colorado, with his wife, Laura, and has two sons who reside in Lakewood.