Faculty Spotlight: Kevin Miller

Meet Kevin Miller

Degrees and Experience
  • M.S. (Oklahoma State University)
  • B.S. (Oklahoma State University)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Kevin Miller served as the founding Dean of Colorado Christian University’s School of Business and Leadership (SBL), which will celebrate its 30th year in 2024. Currently a professor and executive-in-residence at SBL, he teaches Business for the 21st Century courses and Organizational Capstone courses for graduating seniors.

Miller is the Co-Founder of several digital businesses (e.g., platform, supply chain finance) and the Founder and President of Whitestone Miller, Inc., (WMI) a venture consulting firm. Through WMI, he has served Fortune 500 firms and privately held companies, with a special focus on organizations in transition (including start-ups and turnarounds in multiple industry sectors) as well as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Miller began his career at Ernst & Young in Dallas, Texas, primarily serving Fortune 500 clients in manufacturing, finance, and defense.

Miller is the Co-Founder and President of Whitestone Leadership Forum, a nonprofit focused on Christian education and outreach. As part of Whitestone’s mission, he is a podcaster (The Whitestone Podcast) to Christian business and nonprofit leaders with over 200 podcast episodes published, each running 12-15 minutes. The episodes can be found on Apple, Spotify, and the keyword-searchable whitestone.org website, which also includes downloadable PDF versions with accompanying discussion questions for individual or group study.

Also at whitestone.org, Miller has posted videos of multi-part Whitestone Seminars for Christian business and nonprofit leaders as well as others interested in the continuously-unfolding, real-world-relevant, amazing story of the Kingdom of God.

Miller was Co-Founder and the featured speaker for years at Vanguard Roundtable, a discussion forum for Christians focused on public policy and politics. He is the author of the book Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally…or Socialism. He was also Co-Founder and the featured speaker for years for Crossover Network, a regular gathering for Christian business and nonprofit leaders. Miller was also the author and on-air host of the radio program Executive Notebook and delivered daily spots on behalf of Colorado Christian University on the K-Love national radio network.

Miller served as Board Chair for COMPA/FoodWorks, a ministry for vocational training, life skills development, and food provision in Denver, Colorado. He has served his church homes over the years in capacities ranging from missions leader to capital campaign steering committee member to orchestra musician to teacher.