Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Megan DeVore

Meet Dr. Megan DeVore

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D., Theology, specializing in Early Christianity (University of Wales)
  • M.A., Classics (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  • B.A., History (Colorado Christian University)
Biography and Professional Achievements

With training in Patristic to Medieval Historical Theology and Church History, as well as in art history, philosophy, and Classics, Dr. Megan DeVore teaches a variety of courses in the department of Theology, such as the History of Christianity, Historical Theology I, Canon Formation, Introduction to Philosophy, and Latin, as well as an occasional course for the department of Humanities, such as Roman Empire to Early Medieval World.

She has been teaching at CCU for 14 years and considers every year a unique privilege and delight. She is a spiritual mentor both on the CCU campus as well as for Denver Seminary, and she occasionally serves as the guest speaker at various women's spiritual retreats or classes for the local church.

As much as teaching is a significant aspect of her life, all the more so are her husband and two young children.

  • Featured Guest Scholar,  Christianity Today's "Prayer Amid Pandemic" Podcast, episode 13, June 2020, topic: "Perpetua."
  • Presentation of Paper: "Prophetess, Confessor...or Benefactor? Dynamics of Benefaction in Early Christianity," International Conference on Patristic Studies, Oxford University, UK. August 2019.
  • Presentation of Paper, "Depicting Gender (...or is it Status?) in Early Christian Martyr Accounts," Society of Biblical Literature Annual Conference, San Diego. November 2019.
  • Presentation of Paper, "Post-Montanist: the Holy Spirit in an Early North African Martyr Account," Evangelical Theological Society Annual Conference, Patristics to Early Medieval Section, Denver. November 2018.
  • Presentation of Paper, "Dynamics of Greco-Roman Benefaction in an Early Christian Martyrdom Account," North American Patristics Society annual meeting, Chicago. May 2018.
  • Panel Presenter, "The Future of the Church: Looking Back to Look Forward Wisely," Future of the Church Annual Summit. Group Publishing, Loveland. October 2017.
  • Presentation of workshop session, "Seeing the Gospel: 'Reading' Christian Art," Annual Symposium, Colorado Christian University. September 2017.
  • Plenary Presenter, "Augustine and Human Flourishing," The Commonweal Project Spring Colloquium on Human Flourishing at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. April 2017.
  • " Imitatio Christi or Imitatio Martyrum?" American Society of Church History annual meeting, Sources of Authority and Influence in Early Christianity panel. January 2017.
  • "Augustine and Human Flourishing." Plenary Address. The Commonweal Project at Southern Seminary: Human Flourishing in the Augustinian Tradition. April 2017.
  • "A Modern Implication of the Anthropology and Soteriology of Irenaeus." Keynote presentation. Denver Seminary Annual Theology Colloquium. 2015.
  • "New Converts or Catechumeni?" Oxford University International Patristics Conference, Women in Early Christianity panel. August 2015.
  • "Story-Telling: Early Christian Doctrine Through Narrative," Chapter 16 in  A Handbook on Early Christian Doctrine, ed. M. Haykin and M. Strickland, Lexham Publishing, forthcoming.
  • Perpetua, Early Church Fathers Series, ed. M. Haykin and S. Wilhite. Christian Focus Publishing, forthcoming.
  • "Our Single Object and Ambition was Virtue: Friendship Among the Cappadocians,"  Christian History Magazine 132, November 2019.
  • "The Labors of Our Occupation: Can Augustine Offer Any Insight on Vocation?"  SBJT 22.1 (2018).
  • "St. Augustine's  Confessions,"  CCU  Review, Summer Issue 2020.
  • "Catechumeni: Revisiting Conversion and Catechesis in the Late Second Century," Studia Patristica Series vol. 22, XCVI (Leuven: Peeters Publishing Co., 2017).
  • "Agrippina's Memoirs," Classical Outlook 90 (2015).
Professional Societies
  • North American Patristics Society
  • American Society of Church History
  • Society of Biblical Literature, committee member
  • Evangelical Theological Society
  • Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality
  • Center for Ancient Christian Studies, senior fellow