Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Peter A. Kerr

Meet Dr. Peter A. Kerr

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D., Business Administration, emphases in International Business and Leadership (Northcentral University)
  • M.A., Communications (University of Washington)
  • M.Div. (Asbury Theological Seminary)
  • B.S., Human Behavior/Leadership and Human Factors Engineering (United States Air Force Academy)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Peter A. Kerr is the Dean and a Professor of International Business and Marketing in Colorado Christian University’s prestigious School of Business and Leadership. He is also president of KerrCommunications, an ordained Christian minister, and author of Adam Meets Eve. Having taught at the university level for more than 15 years, Kerr served as the Director of the Communications Program at Asbury University and as the Senior Academic Director responsible for 18 regional campuses for Southeastern University.

His experiences include running all media relations in Washington, D.C., during the 2004 Ronald Reagan State Funeral, serving as the chief media liaison officer for all outdoor games in Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games, and being the primary media trainer and crisis planner for the 2010 World Equestrian Games. Kerr has worked with many media outlets (ABC, CBS, FOX, BBC, New York Times, London Times, Der Spiegel, Aljazeera, etc.), and as an Air Force officer at the Pentagon explained the $120 billion Air Force budget to the Washington press corps, media trained senior military leaders and White House officials, was a foreign area officer (European specialist), and deployed to Qatar with excursions into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Having traveled to more than 50 countries on six continents, Kerr has studied 10 languages and still speaks a few of them well. He enjoys reading about theology, history, and quantum physics, and likes to play strategy games and travel with his wife, Rebecca, and their four children.

Kerr chose to teach at CCU because of the three “reallys”. CCU is REALLY Christian, committed to an unswerving declaration of the good news that Jesus came to give the world abundant life and that we find truth and purpose from God’s word. CCU is also REALLY dedicated to delivering a top-tier education and strives to maintain an atmosphere of scholarship and inquiry. Finally, the faculty are REALLY great people — people he wants to work with and he wants his children to learn from.

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