Student Spotlight: Kareisha Hartsfield

Meet Kareisha

What Inspired You to Complete Your Degree:

After being medically retired from the military, I was assigned an advocate through the AW2 Program (Army Wounded Warrior) and she had two degrees on the wall that she earned from CCU. She helped me apply and it has been an amazing experience.

Degree Plans:

My goals are outrageous. I want to be the Talent Acquisition Manager for Beyonce's team. In addition, my dream is to be a published fiction author. I know all the 8-10 page APA-style papers at CCU gave me tons of writing practice.

Why CCU:

I chose CCU from the amazing reviews my advocate gave me. I told myself I would enroll in one class and if it wasn't for me at least I tried. Now I have earned my associate degree and I am 18 credit hours away from my bachelor’s. #WatchOutWorld

Work/Life Balance Experience:

Time management has been the foundation in balancing school and work duties. That extra 10 minutes you spend scrolling social media can be used to read a chapter in your text or post on the discussion board.

How Did CCU Make it Possible:

On December 12, 2017, my two-year-old daughter had brain surgery after numerous complications following a stroke at birth. My husband and I were both enrolled in classes at the time and our professors worked with us while she was in ICU and through her recovery. I sent a prayer request into CCU and someone sent a heartfelt prayer that I read every single day while she was in the hospital. Through it all, CCU did not let us lose hope on our daughter or the continuation of our education. We are so thankful for the prayers and accommodations CCU extended to us in such a stressful time in our lives.

Most Memorable Experience:

The most memorable experience was getting "Congratulations! You are approaching the end of your academic program at CCU and need to complete a Graduation Application." I have never felt so accomplished in my entire life.

What prompted you to enter the service:

There was a lot of crime and violence. I wanted to give myself a chance at a better life.

Has your education affected your military career:

Absolutely. Obtaining a Christian-based education has changed my whole thought process behind my leadership tactic. In addition, it put my husband and I ahead of peers during promotion selections.

Do you think education is of particular importance to military members:

I honestly hate that I did not listen to my leaders and start taking classes when I was an E1. I waited seven years down the line to realize that I needed to sharpen my critical and strategic thinking skills. Everyone in the military is going to go to required leadership courses, but there are only a few that will set themselves apart and use their limited personal time to further their education.

God's faithfulness in your journey:

My husband and I have seen all sort of trials through our education journey, especially with our daughter’s health. Faith was knowing God had His arms wrapped around our daughter as we signed documents that we acknowledged our daughter could be paralyzed or pass away during a dangerous surgery. Grace was CCU being understanding and sympathetic and not failing us with flying colors for missed/late assignments and love is what kept my husband and I holding hands in that waiting room for six-and-a-half hours praying together as Kyrei had a successful surgery.