Student Spotlight: Marcus Colasuonno

Meet Marcus

Why CCU?

My search of universities that taught solid doctrine and held close to truth lead me to CCU. What sold me on CCU was the inviting presence of the students who I met during preview weekend and Chapel. I watched Pastor David Anderson of Littleton Bible Chapel and alum of CCU deliver a message that cut to my heart on evangelism. I thought, "If this school is teaching this, and educated a pastor preaching this way ... I'm sold."

How did you hear about CCU?

After two-and-a-half years of community college nursing prerequisites, I took eight months off of school to do short-term mission work in Zimbabwe, Kenya, India, and Thailand. I asked the Lord to lead me into my next season of life as a nursing student. During my time overseas I felt a strong pull to pursue a biblical degree. I sat down with my pastor and asked for recommendations and was only given one: "CCU is one of the only good ones left ... sound doctrine and they hold to truth." That sent me on my search and here I am today, minoring in Theology and majoring in Nursing. Best of both worlds!

How is your CCU experience?

Coming on campus as a transfer in the Spring of 2020 I immediately got involved with the Prayer Team, student activities, my roommates, and Campus Ministries. My professors were so willing to reach out their hand and taking them up on that offer, I was able to come into some incredible relationships with them as well as an ongoing mentorship.

What do you hope to achieve after you complete your degree?

I am working with a team to create a not-for-profit organization called I'm Sent that is projected to launch before graduation. The point of the organization is to build up leaders of the faith to share the gospel through whatever work environment they find themselves in — both domestically and internationally. I hope to use my theological and professional medical experience to advance the kingdom in the U.S. and overseas.