Student Spotlight: Marsella Evans

Meet Marsella

Why CCU?

I chose CCU because of the incredible spiritual community, strong academics, and vibrant campus life. The dedication of the faculty to invest in students and the school's genuine interest in worship and discipleship is what drew me here. I knew several CCU alumni who had a great experience and my high school, Faith Christian Academy, has a partnership with the University. 

How is your CCU experience?

I am a part of the Augustine Honors Program, which has been an amazing and impactful experience. Living on campus is a blast and the personal relationships I have made with students and faculty have been foundational. Playing intramurals is one of my favorite pastimes and being a D-group leader with campus ministries has been fantastic.

The best part of life at CCU is that in addition to providing a great education, the school invests in you as a person. Not everything in college is easy, but those around me have always made it clear that I belong and have given me grace and support in the tough seasons.