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Bachelor of Arts in English (B.A.)

Program Options: Major, Minor

Optional Emphases: Creative Writing, Literary Studies

Offered through the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the English major will offer you an opportunity to explore the rich heritage of English literature. You will develop advanced skills in creative and expository writing, interpretation, and literary criticism, and you will deepen your understanding of the development of the English language.

Through study and analysis of a diverse selection of literary works, you will be exposed to thoughts, ideas, and challenges that will prepare you for further study in graduate school. With an optional emphasis in Creative Writing or in Literary Studies, the English major will provide you with training that can be used in journalism, librarianship, teaching, and the highly competitive fields of writing and publishing.

Why an English Degree?

An English degree equips you to analyze text, to speak thoughtfully, and to write clearly. With these skills, English majors excel in a variety of professions. The Washington Post reported that "English majors ages 25-29 had a lower unemployment rate in 2017 than math and computer science majors." 1 Harvard Researcher David J. Deming found that many humanities majors "work their way to high-earning management positions" because of their ability to think, communicate and write clearly. 2

  • Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English develop the necessary skills to thrive in multiple positions. English majors at CCU learn to:

    1. Read critically and analyze texts across a variety of genres in papers that feature clear, substantive, correct, and logical English
    2. Master the core content of American, British, and World literature and locate individual literary texts and authors in the context of historical literary development
    3. Create poetry, fiction, and non-fiction works with imagination and purpose
    4. Define and accurately employ common terms of literary criticism and theory and describe the development of the language and field of English
    5. Discern Christian elements and implications of literary works, including in student’s own creative writing
    6. Articulate analytical processes in clear, substantive, and logical oral presentations
  • From student publications and clubs to conferences and internships, English majors at CCU have the opportunity to dive in to a variety of out-of-class activities that feed the creative mind. Here are a few opportunities your résumé might include after completing your English degree:

    • Paragon: Under the direction of appointed student editors, this annual publication is comprised of student art, photography, original poetry, and short stories.
    • Inkwells: This club is a gathering of writers who look to impact the community for Christ through prose, plays, or poetry.
    • Internships: CCU students have interned with many companies including, but not limited to: HCJB Global: Communications Internship, Colorado News Agency, THINK Journal, and Waterbrook Publishing
    • Getting Published: Beyond the opportunities available at CCU, students have published works in: Baltimore Review, Tales from a Small Planet, Fathom Magazine, Adelaide Literary Magazine, and more.

Career Paths for English Majors

With a degree in English, graduates can pursue careers in many fields including, but not limited to:

  • Online and print publishing
  • Fiction and nonfiction writing
  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Arts and culture organizations
  • Local and state government offices
  • Law
  • Education

What CCU Alumni Say

CCU alumni with english degree
Hudson Jungck '17

"Today, I serve a cloud computing company as content strategist and resident grammar cop. I owe both roles to CCU's English department. English faculty taught me to approach communication with humility, to listen and look before speaking. I read works I would never have encountered otherwise, works that bridged culture and readied me for the unique linguistic demands of a multinational corporation. While I do plan to pursue the more conventional route of graduate education, I never expected to use my English major in such a rewarding capacity."

ccu alumni with english degree
Emily Adams '16

"Never once have I regretted majoring in English. I learned to learn, and that is one of the greatest tools you can ever have. My CCU professors walked with me every step of the way, challenging and encouraging me to think outside the box. I work at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, where my writing has been published in Decision Magazine, as well as, other print and online media."

  1. Long, Heather, "The world's top economists just made the case for why we still need English majors," The Washington Post (October 19. 2019).
  2. Deming, David J. and Noray, Kadeem L., "STEM Careers and the Changing Skill Requirements of Work," Working Paper No. 25065, The National Bureau of Economic Research (Revised June 2019).

About the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is united by a commitment to academic scholarship and the integration of faith into the learning process, helping you become an informed Christian scholar who is ready to lead and to make an impact on the world as you prepare for a career in humanities or social sciences. Academic programs provide excellent in-class instruction as well as relevant and experiential assignments designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge required for your chosen career.

The Humanities and Social Sciences faculty is dedicated to you as an individual student. Our professors are intelligent scholars and gifted teachers, but they are also mentors who care about helping you grow. You'll take courses in communication, psychology, and social science and will be able to apply what you are learning in the classroom by participating in academic clubs, attending professional and academic conferences, taking advantage of internship opportunities, and by studying abroad.

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