After Applying to CCU

After you submit all required documents, CCU will make an admission decision. Following a careful review of the application for admission, a first-year or transfer student will be admitted with either a full or conditional standing. You will be notified as soon as CCU makes a decision. Admitted Students

If you are admitted to CCU, please review the Admitted Student Checklist and complete the necessary steps to secure your enrollment at the University.

Some students who qualify for admission may be admitted conditionally. Students admitted conditionally will be limited to enrolling in 12 credits during their first semester at CCU. As part of these 12 credit hours, first-time freshman students are required to enroll in Freshmen Year Integration (FYI), a three-credit hour course that focuses on academic resources and success skills. Participation in collegiate athletics and other activities on campus is not limited. At the end of the student’s first semester, academic progress will be reviewed to determine whether the student will be removed from conditional status or placed on academic probation.