Scripture Memory Scholarship

Earn a scholarship for memorizing Scripture.

Colorado Christian University’s Scripture Memory Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate the ability to memorize a complete book of the Bible. The scholarship allows students to use their memories to reduce tuition costs — benefiting their faith and their finances at the same time.

Students can choose whichever translation they wish, or multiple translations. While memorizing a book of the Bible is no easy task, it is achievable.

Student Qualification Process

Please Note: You must be a current student enrolled in the College of Undergraduate Studies, or will be enrolling in the next semester or academic year. (This scholarship is not available to students who are attending the College of Adult and Graduate (CAGS) program or other colleges/universities.)

  1. Begin memorization.
  2. The student should notify Angel Cavazos, Student Financial Services, via e-mail of their intent to participate and apply for the Scripture Memory Scholarship. Please include the book(s) of the Bible that are intended to be memorized.
  3. The student will recite the memorized book in front of two witnesses who will attest to their achievement. The witnesses will be required to complete the  Scripture Memory Scholarship Verification form. The completed form must be submitted to Angel Cavazos, Office of Financial Aid, by the posted due date. Forms for the Spring 2024 semester will be due by Wednesday, October 11, 2023. If a student is reciting multiple books, a signed form will be needed for each book.

    • To qualify, the Candidate must recite the  ENTIRE book before two or more witnesses. Witnesses may be a family member or a friend of the candidate.
    • It is intended that the recitation be verbatim from a recognized translation of the Candidate’s choosing. The Candidate should ensure that the witnesses have access to a transcript of the passage to verify the accuracy during the recitation. Minor infractions are allowed, but it is important to demonstrate a solid command of the passage. We are looking for as close to a word-for-word recitation as possible. When reciting, the Candidate may take a short pause or repeat a section if they run into difficulties, however, it is intended that they would know the passage proficiently enough that such occurrences would be minimal. Candidates should have no promptings of any kind.
  4. All students who turn in their Scripture Memory Scholarship Verification form will be contacted to schedule a recitation meeting in front of the Scholarship Advisory Committee at CCU for the Spring 2024 semester. These in-person recitation meetings will be scheduled on Thursday, October 26, 2023.

    • The panel will validate the memorization of the passage by quizzing the student to randomly recite various portions. This meeting will not exceed 30 minutes. The Scholarship Advisory Committee will not ask the student to quote a specific set of verses such as quoting John 3:16-19. Rather, they might ask, "John 3:14 says, 'Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.' Could you please continue from there?"
  5. Upon verification by the Scholarship Advisory Committee of the complete memorization of the book chosen, the student will be awarded the scholarship.

Note: Scripture Memory recitations for scholarships students can use towards the Spring 2024 or Fall 2024 semester will be scheduled for Thursday, January 25. The Scholarship Verification forms will be due by Thursday, January 18.

Recitations for the Fall 2024 semester will be via Zoom from Monday, June 24 through Thursday, June 27. The Scripture Memory Scholarship Verification forms will be due by Monday, June 17.

Terms and Conditions
  • Recitations that take place in the summer will be applicable towards the upcoming fall semester. Recitations that take place in the fall semester will be applicable towards the upcoming spring semester. Recitations that take place in the spring semester will be applicable towards the current spring or the following fall semester.
  • A scholarship recipient candidate ("Candidate") may receive multiple Scripture Scholarships for memorizing multiple books of scripture. For example, they may memorize Ephesians and receive a scholarship for $600, and subsequently memorize John's Gospel for another $3,500 scholarship.
  • Students may also memorize and recite more than one book in a semester.
  • Once a Candidate has received a scholarship for a particular book of scripture, that same Candidate may not receive a scholarship again for the same book of scripture.
  • Should the Scholarship Advisory Committee not approve a Candidate for an award, the Candidate may schedule and attempt another review by the committee, however, each subsequent review before the committee lowers the scholarship amount by 10% of its original value.