• Denver Bible Institute
      In 1914, Denver Bible Institute was founded by Clifton Fowler.
    • Denver Bible Institute sign
      Denver Bible Institute's main campus was located on Glenarm place in Denver, Colorado.
    • Grace and Truth
      Grace and Truth: Denver Bible Institute's publication.
    • Denver Bible College
      In 1945, Denver Bible Institute became Denver Bible College.
    • Western Bible Institute Seal
      Also during this time, Western Bible Institute was founded in Denver.
    • Western Bible Institute
      Western Bible Institute's campus moved to the edge of the Front Range.
    • Western Bible Institute Chapel
      Western Bible Institute's chapel.
    • Rockmont College
      In 1949, Denver Bible College became Rockmont College.
    • Rockmont College with flag
      Rockmont College became a fully accredited institution in 1981.
    • Colorado Christian College
      It wasn't until 1985 that Rockmont and Western Bible merged, forming Colorado Christian College.
    • Beckman Center
      What originally started as Rockmont’s humble campus in Lakewood, Colorado eventually became home to Colorado Christian College.
    • Colorado Christian College 2
      However, Colorado Christian College quickly grew and expanded.
    • Colorado Christian University Clock Tower
      By the late 1980's, the need for a flagship Christian institution in Colorado was evident.
    • Colorado Baptist University
      Located across Denver, was Colorado Baptist University.
    • Colorado Christian College 1
      And in 1989, Colorado Baptist University and Colorado Christian College merged to form Colorado Christian University.
    • Colorado Baptist University welcome sign
      Today, there are over 5,000 students enrolled at Colorado Christian University.
    • Colorado Christian University Cross
      And over 15,000 living alumni around the world.
    • Colorado Christian University Chapel
      In the fall of 2014, CCU welcomed it's largest class in history.
    • Colorado Christian University grounds
      In a little less than ten decades, what began as a one-room school with two students has become a vibrant Christian university, still impacting the world for Jesus Christ.
  • A Historical Perspective of Colorado Christian University

    In 1914, Denver Bible Institute was founded on two principles – grace and truth. The first classes encompassed only two students and one teacher, but from those modest beginnings, Colorado Christian University was born.

    In 1945, Denver Bible Institute became Denver Bible College, a four-year college with three academic schools: the College of Liberal Arts, the Theological School, and the Bible Institute. Four years later, the school became Rockmont College – around the same time that Western Bible Institute was founded.

    It wasn’t until the 1980s that drastic change occurred again. The two schools merged in 1985, forming Colorado Christian College. By 1989, however, the need for a flagship Christian institution in Colorado was evident: Colorado Baptist University joined Colorado Christian College to form the school we know today.

    Today, there are more than 6,000 CCU undergraduate and graduate students spread throughout all 50 states and several countries – scholars dedicated to integrating high-level academics with timeless faith. More than 100 years later, students continue to learn in grace and truth.

    Through the years many things about Colorado Christian University have changed. The University now consists of two schools, the College of Undergraduate Studies with a traditional residential program and the College of Adult and Graduate Studies, offering non-traditional undergraduate programs and master’s degrees. Thousands of students have come and gone, the campus facilities have seen countless improvements, new programs have been launched to train the next generation of Christian leaders, students have gone on mission trips to countries that didn't exist when we were founded, and the University has been blessed by growing enrollments. Even now CCU continues to grow and change with a firm foundation that rests on the grace and truth of Christ.

    Throughout our history, Colorado Christian University has seen God's hand orchestrating each step in the journey and we look toward the future with great anticipation for where he will lead us as the journey continues.

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  • The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

    John 1:14
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