CCU Academy Team

Meet the CCU Academy Team

The CCU Academy division at Colorado Christian University provides high school students with multiple options for earning college credit. Please review each description included under the department title prior to contacting our office.

CCU Academy Departments

CCU Academy Representatives work with high schools to offer collegiate-level CCU dual credit courses to their students. They also assist schools with submitting courses for dual credit approval, student registration, and school visits. If you are interested in becoming a CCU Academy partner, please contact the representative in your region.

CCU Academy’s Student Success Team serves associate degree track students and students who are taking online dual enrollment courses. Current and prospective online dual enrollment students, as well as those interested in starting an A.A. degree track, should contact our CCU Academy Student Success Advisor. Currently enrolled A.A. degree students should contact our Associate Director of Student Success for questions or assistance.

CCU Academy Operations can assist schools and families with questions regarding registrations, grades, transcripts, and payments.

CCU Academy Marketing is here to help assist schools with advertising different program options for students.

CCU Academy Deans provide oversight to their corresponding areas of leadership.

Academic Support at CCU Academy work with team members to approve course applications and various areas of dual credit and online dual enrollment.

CCU Academy Representatives & Partner Relations Management

headshot of Kaycie Andrews
Kaycie Andrews, MBA

CCU Academy Partner Relations Manager  303-963-3258

headshot of Beth Roelofs
Beth Roelofs

CCU Academy Representative  720-872-5672

Regions: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine.

headshot of Dannika Nelson
Dannika Nelson, MBA

CCU Academy Representative  720-872-5655

Regions: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

headshot of Kristen Mezey
Kristin Mezey

CCU Academy Representative  720-872-5695

Regions: Southern Colorado, Texas.

headshot of Priscila Estrada
Priscila Estrada

CCU Academy Representative  720-872-5624

Regions: California, Hawaii.

headshot of Rachel Frederick
Rachel Frederick

CCU Academy Representative  720-872-5671

Regions: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas.

headshot of Trent Graumann
Trent Graumann

CCU Academy Representative  303-963-3218

Regions: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Northern Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, and International Partners.

CCU Academy Student Success

headshot of Nathan Ralston
Nathan Ralston, MM

Lead Student Success Advisor  303-963-3342

headshot of Kelsey Turner
Kelsey Turner, MAT

Student Success Advisor  303-963-3031

CCU Academy Operations

headshot of Jim Nix
Jim Nix, M.A.

Associate Dean of Students & Director of Operations for CCU Academy  303-963-3029

headshot of Christa Byrne
Christa Byrne

CCU Academy Coordinator  303-963-3029

headshot of Jayne Sconyers
Jayne Sconyers

CCU Academy Administrative Assistant  303-963-3029

headshot of Carrie Wallace
Carrie Wallace

CCU Academy Administrative Assistant  303-963-3029

CCU Academy Deans

headshot of Teresa Woodburn
Teresa Woodburn, M.A.

Dean of CCU Academy  303-963-3029

headshot of Britt Snyder
Britt Snyder, M.A.

Associate Dean of CCU Academy and Director of Academic Programs  303-963-3029

headshot of Kyle Scott
Kyle Scott, MOL

Associate Dean of Partner Relations  303-963-3048

headshot of Caleb Stewart
Caleb Stewart, M.A.

Assistant Dean of Curriculum and Instruction  303-963-3029

CCU Academy Marketing

headshot of Meghan Hickman
Meghan Hickman, MOL

Director of Marketing & Events for CCU Academy  303-963-3322

headshot of Luke Pahlau
Luke Pahlau

CCU Academy Marketing Graduate Assistant  720-872-5636

CCU Academy Academic Support

headshot of Ali Irick
Ali Irick

Academic Support Coordinator for Online Dual Enrollment  303-963-3029

headshot of Grace Hicks
Grace Hicks

CCU Academy Support Analyst  303-963-3029

headshot of Kathy Vance
Kathy Vance

CCU Academy Support Analyst  303-963-3029

headshot of Rachel Lingle
Rachel Lingle

CCU Academy Graduate Assistant  303-963-3029

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