CCU Academy Transcripts

Order Transcripts for Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment Courses

Students may request Unofficial Transcripts or Official Transcripts for their CCU Academy dual credit, online dual enrollment, and Associate of Arts degree coursework.

Unofficial Transcripts

Only active CCU Academy students with a CCU Login may access unofficial transcripts through Self Service.

Create your CCU Login and enter the following information:

  • CCU Student ID (registration receipt emailed immediately after a successful registration is completed)
  • Student Last Name (as it appears in the CCU record)
  • Student Date of Birth (format: MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Account Type: Select CCU Academy Student

Once you activate your CCU Login, follow these steps to access an unofficial transcript:

  1. Log into Self Service to access your unofficial transcript with your User ID (7-digit CCU ID) and password from your CCU Login credentials.
  2. On the left side, click the graduation cap icon—this will expand the "Academics" menu. Then click the "Unofficial Transcript" link.
  3. Download and save the transcript on your computer. Some computers can use Control P to print to PDF.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts for CCU Academy courses must be ordered through CCU's online transcript request portal. Students cannot view their CCU transcript details on Parchment's website. To confirm that all grades have been posted from the most recent school year, students should access their unofficial transcript through CCU's Self-Service system. If you have any questions about your Official CCU Transcript, please email

  • Digital transcripts ($15) are typically sent within 2-4 business days, and paper transcripts ($17.50) are typically mailed within 10 business days. There may be a delay during prime transcript season.
  • Due to a recent upgrade to the Parchment website, students may be prompted to re-create their account in this new system.
  • Students may need their CCU enrollment information (CCU student ID and dates attended).
  • When creating a Parchment account, students must use their own personal email address (not a high school, college, or parent email) and be able to validate it immediately.
  • For help while logged into Parchment's website, select their  Support link.
  • CCU Academy students have undergraduate credentials with Colorado Christian University and may need to add CCU as a school attended.
  • Once your Parchment order is placed, you can track your transcript status through their  View Order link.
  • If the order was sent to you instead of your college, another transcript will have to be purchased. No refunds are given for completed transcript orders.

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