We Have High Hopes for you While You're at CCU

Many of Paul's letters to the early church centered on his hopes for them as a young Christian body. He wanted them to strive for all that God had in store for them.

In the same way, the Student Life staff at Colorado Christian University aspire to have you take a firm hold of what the Lord has planned for you — and we can't think of a better time for you to do that than while you're here in this biblical living and learning community.

While you are at CCU, we hope that you'll grow to accept yourself as a son or daughter of Christ, and also see others in the same way. We hope you'll grow in your self-confidence and competence, and that you’ll strive to form solid, supporting relationships. We hope that you will develop habits that will help you to seek excellence in every aspect of your life.

We're blessed to journey alongside you during your time at CCU. The hopes listed below are not only what we wish for you to experience in your time here, but also explain what we desire to exemplify to you as mentors.

Hopes for our students

  • That they learn to accept themselves, discovering their gifts, and limitations as God has given to them, learn what makes them happy while learning that they don't have to do it all, or have it all, and that they experience joy in life and accept its many challenges and transitions.
  • That they strive for a growing self-confidence and competence in their abilities, spiritually, academically, and personally.
  • That they learn to develop a sense of fulfillment through doing their best, through enjoyment of the task at hand, and working with others to achieve goals.
  • That they further their understanding of a life that balances responsibilities to themselves, to God, and to others.
  • That they grow in their ability to form and sustain good relationships based on shared values, acceptance in others the gifts and limitations God has given them, and an overwhelming capacity to appreciate and have a heart for others.
  • That they develop a sense of wonder and love for life in all the richness that God has given them. That his sense of wonder fuels their curiosity in God's plan and makes them hunger to learn more about what God has in store for them through an increasing deep relationship with him.
  • That they grow and strive for excellence in their skills, and appreciation of knowledge through a variety of disciplines.
  • That they develop a sense of gratitude for what has been given to them by their family, by God, and by friends.
  • That they develop a sense of spiritual purpose and joy of serving others.
  • That they take responsibility for their own growth and learn to select role models and mentors whom can help strengthen them in their journey of Christian leadership.