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CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies partners with many local businesses to offer their employees a tuition discount on adult education programs. Employees of participating businesses qualify for a 10% tuition discount on undergraduate and graduate programs.

Not sure if your company offers this discount? Contact us today at 303-963-3311 or complete the form on this page.

CCU Tuition Discount Program

CCU's Professional Education Program offers select beneficiaries of participating companies a tuition discount toward an associate degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctoral degree, educator licensing program, or certificate offered through our College of Adult and Graduate Studies. At CCU, you'll get an education that is designed for adult learners, taught by professionals in your field.

Plus, you may be closer to earning your degree than you think. Your prior college credits count and so does your life experience! Nearly all of our programs are available online, making it easier to balance school, work, and your family.

Follow these steps to qualify:

  1. Complete the Request Information form on this page.
  2. Apply for admission to our College of Adult and Graduate Studies.
  3. Visit to find out what documentation is required to confirm your affiliation. Contact your Enrollment Counselor (if you’re a new student) or your Student Service Advisor (if you’re a current student) to determine the best way to submit your documentation for review. Please do not email or text these documents.
  4. Meet all admission requirements for your program. (To learn about requirements for your specific program, visit our Academic Programs page.)
  5. Enroll in classes at CCU.
Adult and Graduate Studies Programs

The College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CCU Online) offers online undergraduate and graduate degree programs to adult learners worldwide.

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CCU's Tuition Discount Program applies only to tuition (not fees) and is only applicable to academic programs in our College of Adult and Graduate Studies. This discount is not applicable toward CCU's Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision or core nursing courses in CCU's Pre-Nursing to BSN program. This discount may not be used in conjunction with CCU's active duty military rate or any other scholarship offer from CCU.

* Students must provide one of the following documents to verify employment and eligibility: pay stub, W2, badge, or ID card. Any personal information on these items may be blocked out with the exception of the student's name and effective dates. Document must verify current employment.

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