CLD Continuing Education FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the CLD continuing education courses and certificate? Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions you may have about the courses and certificate.


Can I earn academic credit for a continuing education course?

The continuing education courses offered by CCU are non-academic credit courses. If you decide you would like academic credit for a course, you may present a Prior Learning Assessment portfolio for evaluation. Academic credit is not guaranteed.

Will these courses help fulfill the Colorado state continuing education CLD requirements for licensure renewal?

Yes, as long as the entire five-course CLD certificate bundle is completed. You will then receive a certificate that will serve as verification of completion of 45 hours meeting the CLD continuing education requirements.

How do I obtain my certificate when I complete all required courses?

Once you complete all courses required for a specific certificate, you will be able to access your certificate through your account. You will also receive an email confirmation that will include your certificate.

Will the CLD certificate include all the details needed to prove my continuing education hour requirements has been met?

The CLD certificate will include all required detail to submit to the Colorado Department of Education as proof that you completed the 45-hour CLD requirement.

Do these courses meet ADA requirements?

CCU's continuing education courses meet all ADA requirements. Textbooks can be purchased in various formats that may or may not meet ADA requirements.

Time and Cost

How long will it take to complete each course?

Each individual CLD continuing education course is self-paced, allowing students to complete it on their own time and schedule. In general, individual courses are designed to be completed in 20 hours.

How long will it take to complete an entire certificate?

The five-course CLD certificate is designed to be completed in 100 hours. We recommend 20 hours per week for five weeks but you can take as much time as you need provided you complete the course before it expires. However, time will vary for each course/certificate.

How much does each course cost?

Each CLD course costs $79. You can save $19 per course by purchasing the CLD certificate bundle.

How much does each certificate cost?

The CLD five-course certificate bundle is $300. If you choose to purchase each course separately, the total cost for each certificate will be $395.

Can I purchase courses as a gift?

We do not currently offer the option to purchase courses or certificates as a gift.

Will my purchase expire?

You will have access to your course for 365 days from the date the course was purchased. If you purchase a certificate bundle, you will have 365 days to complete all courses included.

Can I get a refund for the course I purchased?

All purchases are final. CCU does not offer refunds for continuing education courses and certificates.


Do I need any books for the courses?

Yes. You will need to purchase the books for the continuing education courses as follows.

For the following courses:

  • The Big Picture,
  • Introduction to Phonemic Awareness and Phonics,
  • Vocabulary and Background Knowledge,
  • Making Information Accessible, and
  • Fluency and Critical Thinking

You will need to purchase these books:

  • Diamond, L., & Thorsnes, B. J. (2018). Assessing reading: Multiple measures. Arena Press. ISBN-10- 1634022432
  • Honig, B., Diamond, L., & Gutlohn, L. (2018). Teaching reading sourcebook (3rd ed.). Arena Press. ISBN 10- 1634022351
  • Echevarría, J. (2017). Making content comprehensible for English learners (5th ed.). ISBN 10- 0134045238

For the following courses:

  • Theories of Language, Learning, and Teaching – A Perspective on Language Learning,
  • Second Language Acquisition Theories and Second Language Learners,
  • Classroom Instructional Principles and Practices that Enhance Social and Academic Language of Second Language Learners,
  • Sociocultural and Linguistic Factors that Influence Language Learning Processes and Outcomes for Second Language Learners, and
  • Theory to Practice or Cooperative Dialogue

You will need to purchase these books:

  • Freeman, D. E., & Freeman, Y. S. (2011). Between Worlds: Access to Second Language acquisition(Third ). Heinemann. ISBN 10- 9780325030883
  • Echevarría Jana, Vogt, M. E., & Short, D. (2018). In Making content comprehensible for secondary English learners: the SIOP model. ISBN 10- 0134045238

Where do I get my books?

You can purchase your books from anywhere that sells them. We recommend Amazon.

Technical Support

I can't log in. Who can I contact for help?

For assistance with login issues, please submit a Customer Support request.

I didn't receive my account confirmation email.

If you are not seeing your confirmation email within 5-10 minutes of setting up your account, first check your Spam folder.  If it is not located there, please submit a Customer Support Request.

My course isn't loading.

First, make sure that you are not accessing your course from your browser while running "incognito" mode. If you are using Safari, it will block third-party sites and may not allow you to load your course. The recommended browser for optimal results is Chrome. If you can't access Chrome, Firefox will work. Click here for more details. Second, be sure the pop-up blockers are disabled in the browser. If you are still having issues, submit a support ticket.

What kind of technology/equipment/software do I need to take courses?

You will need a reliable computer (desktop or laptop) with access to a reliable internet connection. We recommend using Chrome, but Firefox, IE 9+, Safari, and Opera should work fine.

How much bandwidth/internet connectivity do I need to take courses?

A high-speed internet connection (Cable or DSL) is highly recommended. Some courses require the download and upload of various types of media, including video.

Still have questions?

If you haven't found the answer to your question in the FAQs, please submit your question through our Customer Support form.