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I love CCU because of its spiritual foundations, having every aspect of CCU woven in the truth and grace of Christ Jesus our Lord.
– Crystal Auz, CCU student

Give now to help boost faculty scholarship and student engagement in our College of Undergraduate Studies.

As CCU looks toward the future, the College of Undergraduate Studies (CUS) is strategizing to use what was learned during the pandemic and apply it moving forward to benefit student learning. We are excited to announce a post-pandemic academic project fund to support projects that boost student engagement and faculty scholarship. These plans provide opportunities for development in three areas: experiential learning, faculty scholarship support, and technical resources.

  • Experiential Learning: The best learning experiences are participatory. Using these funds, students will learn financial principles through an investment club, stand behind the camera and then edit film clips, and handle archeological artifacts from biblical sites. Fundraising Goal: $32,000.
  • Faculty Scholarship Support: CUS faculty are all in! They develop courses, teach a heavy load, and spend countless hours mentoring students. Along with these duties, faculty members have a deep desire to advance scholarship in their disciplines. They must be constantly alert to new and innovative directions in their fields to be truly effective, and these funds allow them the time to grow. Fundraising Goal: $15,000.
  • Technical Resources: From increased e-book resources to specialized lab and media equipment, digital learning helps CUS focus on in-seat education while navigating paths forward in a technology-driven world. This category includes technical resources for science labs, musical education, e-books, and media studies. Fundraising Goal: $18,000.


Matt Rummel

Director of Data and Donor Services
Phone: 303-963-3269

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