Resources for Parents of CCU Students

Colorado Christian University has compiled these parent resources to assist you with the college transition. We hope these will help you navigate the many offices and services available throughout the University.

If you have questions and concerns, as your student completes their college career, we're happy to help answer your questions.

Parent Handbook

CCU's Parent Handbook is a supplement to many of our University publications. It was developed by the Dean of Students office and is intended to help you as parents of our students to have a better understanding of how the University works. Based upon past conversations with parents, we have compiled this information to provide clear and concise answers to frequently asked questions. We hope this handbook answers many of your questions, but encourage you to contact us if you ever have any questions about our policies, procedures, support services, etc.

Parent Network

Student success improves when parents and families are engaged in their student’s college experience. That makes you one of the most influential factors in your student’s education. The CCU Parent Network website gives you access to the resources you need to help your student navigate the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of college life.

Visit Campus

Colorado Christian University looks forward to seeing parents on campus throughout the year and welcomes your visit any time.

The Denver metro-area boasts 300 days of sunshine, a thriving cultural scene, diverse neighborhoods, and natural beauty combine for the world's most spectacular playground. With easy access to major interstates, airports, and train lines, CCU is convenient to visit.

We'd love to meet you, and visiting campus is the best way to get a sense for everything we have to offer. Find out more about visiting campus.

Parent Support Guidebook

The transition to college can be challenging for both students and their parents. Affordable Colleges Online created the Parent Support Guidebook to help ease the transition process by addressing the common first-year challenges for parents and their children.

*The resources and information contained in the website listed above were not created expressly for CCU and are not distinctly from a Christian Worldview. However, The Office of Parent Relations feels much of this content could be a helpful resource for our parents.

Parent Proxy Access

Proxy access provides an opportunity for Colorado Christian University students to grant parents or other individuals permission to view certain information in their online student Self-Service account. This is called granting proxy access, and the person being granted access to the student's information is referred to as the Proxy.

Only family members with valid email addresses that are associated with the student record will be listed as proxy options. Once the student has completed the necessary steps in the student's Self-Service account, the Proxy will receive an email indicating the account has been created and instructions on how to complete the authentication process.

For additional information on becoming a designated Proxy, please see the Proxy information page.

Campus Security

Security staff members are available on CCU's campus twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to serve and protect members of our community.

The Office of Campus Safety and Security at CCU consists of five full-time security guards who patrol the campus, staff a call center, and respond to students in need of assistance.

Our current director of campus security served as a police officer for more than 25 years, specializing in all areas of police work including patrol, crime analysis, records, and communications. The Office of Campus Safety and Security also produces a yearly incident report for on-campus statistics.

Health Services

CCU’s Health Services clinic is staffed by a licensed registered nurse and provides routine medical care for students in the College of Undergraduate Studies.

Colorado Christian University strives to establish clear, consistent, and non-discriminatory policies and procedures to deal with communicable diseases and concurrently acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy of individuals. These policy and procedure statements are formulated on the basis of current medical and legal opinions regarding communicable diseases with the goals of providing health awareness opportunities and extending proper treatment to all CCU employees, faculty, and students within the bounds of legal, moral, and ethical responsibilities.

A full description of the policy statement regulating communicable diseases is available in the University Health Services office or the Student Life office.

Clinic Services Include:

  • Diagnosing and treating minor illnesses
  • Prescribing medications
  • Making medical referrals as needed
  • Limited laboratory and blood testing
  • Flu shots, meningitis shots, and limited vaccinations
  • Allergy shots on a written physician's order

For most services, there is a small clinic charge. There are no charges for follow-up visits related to that illness. Walk-ins are seen as the schedule allows, or appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday during the academic year.