Student Spotlight: Samantha Penrose

Meet Samantha

Why CCU?

I chose CCU because I loved the apartment styles housing, the four day school weeks, and the faculty was willing to answer my questions about majors and help me find what I wanted to study. CCU offered fantastic academic and partner scholarships that made a private Christian university's cost equivalent to a state school. 

How did you hear about CCU?

I heard about CCU through my older sister who had toured campus during her search for colleges.

How is your CCU experience?

I have loved being a student at Colorado Christian University. I love the small student body and class sizes. I know my professors and have good relationships with them even after taking their classes. Whenever I am walking anywhere on campus, I pass someone who says hi to me by name. I love the community of my classmates, peers, and roommates that I am a part of. I feel seen and known here on campus. I have been able to get involved in so many different areas on campus, Campus Ministries, the Office of Admissions, and the Life Directions Center. I have grown more spiritually in my time at CCU than I ever had before. I learned so much through my Old and New Testament courses that is applicable to my life as a Christian. 

What do you hope to achieve after you complete your degree?

I hope to attain a master's degree in some form of health field once graduating from CCU. Besides this, I want to seek after the Lord, be involved in a local church, and be able to serve others and see them thrive.