Science Major

Bachelor of Science in Science

Are you fascinated by scientific thought and discovery? Do you want to learn more about relativity, about the structure and properties of the matter that makes up the earth, and about the scientific method? The Science major at CCU caters to your specific interests by providing a breadth of knowledge in diverse fields within the natural sciences. The Science major is ideal for you if you wish to teach science in secondary education or if you're interested in pursuing a career in a scientific or medical field. Our faculty provide you with a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, integrated physical sciences, and mathematics. In addition, Science majors discuss science in the twenty-first century such as computing, data analysis, and the ethical impact of science and technology on our way of life.

Science at CCU

With small classes and labs led by experienced Christian professors, you'll gain the most from a challenging curriculum that among other things explores the relationship between faith and science. The emphasis in all of our courses is that science is all about discovering the operating principles behind the world that God created and put us in. Nature is God's second 'book', and its order and purpose reflects the character of its creator.

What can you do with a degree in science?

  • Geologist
  • Scientific research and discovery
  • High school science teacher
  • Graduate work in science
  • Aeronautics and space related careers

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • Molecular Biology
  • Physical Geology
  • Bioethics

Course Catalog

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