Student Spotlight: Toby Watson

Meet Toby

Why CCU?

I chose CCU because of its location and its values. Finding a college willing to teach solid Christian values and be right next to the mountains was almost too good to be true. But it is true and I have been blessed immensely by both of those facets of CCU. 

How did you hear about CCU?

I first heard about CCU from my high school. I went to a Christian High School that had a partnership with CCU so representatives of CCU would often come to my school. 

How is your CCU experience?

I have enjoyed almost every aspect of my experience at CCU. I have been able to find uplifting community and build solid friendships while here at CCU. I also have found it easy to be involved in all that goes on whether that be through intramurals or other campus wide events.

What do you hope to achieve after you complete your degree?

I hope to graduate and become a youth pastor back in Nebraska.