Communication Major

B.A. in Communication

The Communication major at CCU equips students with skills in public speaking, persuasion, interpersonal, and group communication. Students are encouraged to sharpen their speaking, critical thinking, and writing skills. We prepare students to be authentic, ethical, and effective communicators in interpersonal, group, and organizational settings.

Graduates have gone on to work in a wide range of careers including speechwriters, human resources, education, business, and ministry. Additionally, Communication and Rhetoric majors are well prepared for graduate school.

Why Study Communication at CCU?

Students receiving a Communication degree at Colorado Christian University can look forward to a unique experience that integrates communication learning with Christ-centered perspectives. This program equips students with the ability to effectively communicate orally, work with others in teams, communicate in writing clearly and concisely, and make ethical, sound decisions.

Communication Course Catalog
  • Speaking: Students will develop and deliver effective, visually appealing presentations using appropriate technology.

    Writing: Students will demonstrate writing proficiency for both academic and professional contexts.

    Creating: Students will explain how communication creates, sustains, manages, and changes persons, groups, organizations, and society, and use that knowledge in an ethical manner.

    Applying theories and skills: Students will apply communication theories and skills to various communicative situations (e.g., developing healthy, supportive relationships; participating in and leading teams; solving problems and making decisions; managing conflict; presenting strategic messages; and cultivating healthy organizations).

    Researching: Students will demonstrate an ability to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, and articulate how these research skills can be applied to address problems in the work environment.

    Critical thinking: Students will critically analyze rhetorical messages (both classical and contemporary) in terms of major communication principles, processes, and theories.

    Integrating faith: Students will demonstrate the integration of faith with communication knowledge and skills.

  • CCU Communication students have a variety of ways to gain experience and build personal networks and friendships. Here is a sampling of available opportunities for students:

    Speech and Debate Team and Moot Court

    CCU students have a long history of success in both debate and moot court competitions. The Speech and Debate team has won a national championship at the National Christian College Forensics Invitational and a top finish at the Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament. Our Moot Court team has consistently had top individual and team finishers in regional and national competitions.

    University Public Relations Agency

    The CCU student-run public relations agency operates within CCU’s academic environment to provide hands-on experience in public relations, as well as advertising, marketing, and social media.

Find Your Career

Students with a communications and rhetoric degree are trained in organization, creativity, and communication in unique ways. These skills can be applied to a wide range of professional careers in:

  • Communication: as inspirational speakers, speechwriters, broadcasters, editors, or teaching pastors
  • Business: as sales representatives, marketing specialists, business executives
  • Human Resources: as recruiting and placement specialists, training and development staff members
  • Education: as teachers, admission representatives, and support staff
  • Law: as legal advocates, paralegals, legislators
  • Ministry: as leaders of all kinds

What CCU Alumni Say

CCU alumni with communications degree
Katie Kellett ’18

“The communication degree at CCU gave me a firm foundation in persuasive writing and speaking, research, and critical thinking. The expertise I gained was essential to get into law school and is extremely beneficial as I work toward becoming a lawyer. I use the skills I was taught on a daily basis. They were the perfect building blocks to higher learning. This degree also gave me the confidence to speak up and advocate for those in need of Christ’s love.”

ccu alumni with communications degree
Jared Barnett ’13

“My B.A. in Communication and Rhetoric has helped me tremendously in my life as a pastor. From interpersonal communication to preaching, graphic design to group dynamics, in both urban and suburban contexts, I have relied upon the skills and knowledge I gained while at CCU. I currently serve as the high school pastor at Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas, and attend Dallas Theological Seminary. My degree in Communication and Rhetoric has helped me do what I love most: helping people meet Jesus, learn to trust and follow Him, and be sent out into their neighborhoods as missionary disciples.”


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