Stone - Symbol of Separation

empty tomb in a window
So they went and made the tomb secure by sealing the stone and setting a guard.
- Matthew 27:66 [ESV]
Passage: Mathew 27:56-66


His bloodied chest heaved in agony as He strained beneath the weight of the world. In desperation, the man turned towards His father. So much pain, so much blood, so much sin. His father turned His face from the dying body of His son. The man cried out as a void within His soul exploded in unfathomable fever.

Darkness devoured the light; the world fell silent. The stone grated across the stone wall, crushing the earth beneath its path. Wiping the residue from their callused hands, the soldiers assumed their position outside the tomb. Grinding their heels into the soil, they turned their backs to the stone, sealing the grave. The last veins of light bled from the sky. Amidst the silence of the night, the stone remained cold and lifeless, manifesting the separation experienced by the body within the tomb — the body of Jesus.

As Christians, we know the story did not end in that moment of hopelessness, but we often neglect these crucial days when the earth held its breath in anxious anticipation. These days of darkness represent the separation our Savior experienced to pay for all the sins and brokenness of the world. By sacrificing Himself, Jesus experienced ultimate separation so we could leave behind all our sins and regrets. Only when we understand the weight of this separation can we know the depth of our hope.


Often, entering college causes us as students to reflect on our lives. Usually, this reflection weighs on our souls, as we see all the mistakes we've made, all the pain we've endured, and all the relationships that have broken. I know it's easy to want to leave it all behind. I know you want to start a new chapter of your life. Before you dismiss all the pain associated with your past, understand that every single moment of your life has shaped your unique story. Though you can never separate yourself from the past, take heart, knowing you can separate yourself from the shame, guilt, and regret. As Christians, we find hope for our future when we lay down all the burdens and brokenness of our past at the feet of the cross. You were never meant to carry that burden — it is too heavy. Find courage in this freedom, lay your pain at the cross, and enter this next chapter with profound hope.

Julianna Graham
Global Studies