Colorado Christian University
New Student Retreat
CCU students at new student retreat.

New Student Retreat

New Student Retreat - Postponed

New Date, Venue, and Location

January 15-17, 2021 
Crooked Creek Ranch
Fraser, Colorado

Out of an abundance of caution and state restrictions in space and capacity, CCU has decided it is in the best interest of our community to postpone the New Student Retreat. Fortunately we already secured a much larger venue, Crooked Creek Ranch in Fraser Colorado, for the weekend of January 15-17. We will run our retreat there for New Freshman, New Transfers, and Seniors.

We are currently working on alternate programming for our new students (enrolled in INT 101) and Transfers (enrolled in INT 102) so please save the weekend of September 11-13! We desire to culminate your orientation program by an event that continues to help you create a sense of belonging at CCU. More details coming soon.

Hear what last year’s students had to say about the retreat:

“The New Student Retreat was a good experience for me because it challenged me spiritually, I got to meet new friends, and grow closer to those I already knew. Each of the sessions spoke to me and have continued to push me even now.” – Sydney Nixon

“The retreat for me was a chance to not only meet new people and create friendships with other freshmen on campus, but to take a little brain break. College has been overwhelming with the school work and new responsibilities, so the retreat came at a perfect time so that I could take a little break from school work and just focus on meeting new people.” – Ellisa Jacquot

“Overall in the end it all turned out to be a lot of fun and just some needed time to be in community with others and to grow friendships. I am thankful for this experience and the work that God did in my heart." – Claire Christian.

“Honestly, I did not want to go to the New Student Retreat in the beginning. I was so overwhelmed and frustrated even before the actual retreat because I knew I wouldn't have time to finish all my homework. But when session time came, I was touched by the Holy Spirit. Worshiping the Lord up high in the mountains, I could just feel His presence. As I looked at the nature, I realized once again how great the Lord I serve is. The more I went to the sessions, the more my heart became open. I realized how much I was covered up with the work I had in front of me and I was looking at God.” – Sambi Mori