CCU Transcript Authenticity

Transcripts From Colorado Christian University

All official CCU transcripts are watermarked with the school seal and the signature of the registrar to certify their authenticity. The Colorado Christian University official seal and signed transcript is printed on blue security paper with security toner and the name of the University printed in large white type across the face of the document. A raised seal is not required.

When photocopied, the word COPY should appear. A black and white or color copy should not be accepted. The back of every page includes a key and statements of authenticity. When our paper is touched by fresh liquid bleach, the document will stain.

The CCU electronic certified PDF transcript prints with a watermark, letting you know it is a print of the original. The original transcript is the PDF itself and not its printed copy.

Authenticity of electronic PDF transcripts

We apply a digital signature to the PDF transcript that is automatically validated. We implement Certified Document Services from Verisign to mark the document as authentic, proving that it was created and published by Colorado Christian University.

Furthermore, the digital signature provides a tamper-evident wrapper on the document. The blue ribbon seal must be present to both authenticate and demonstrate the integrity of the document. This is automatically verified when the recipient views the authentic document using the free Adobe Reader.

If you do not see a certified blue ribbon in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader bearing the words, "This document was certified by Colorado Christian University with a valid certificate issued by GeoTrust CA for Adobe," this PDF should not be accepted.

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