Transcript FAQs for Recipients

Questions and Answers for Transcript Recipients

If you have requested an official transcript from a Colorado Christian University student, you can find answers to commonly asked questions below. For additional questions, please contact Service Central at CCU.

Why have I received emails regarding an electronic transcript from Colorado Christian University?

The Colorado Christian University student notated on this transcript has authorized the CCU Registrar's office to send you his or her official transcript electronically.

How do I retrieve the student's electronic transcripts?

You will receive two e-mail messages from CCU. The first e-mail will contain a link to the document delivery service website. The second e-mail will contain the passcode. Copy and paste the passcode into the document delivery service website.

How long can I access the electronic transcript sent to me from CCU?

It can be downloaded for up to 30 days after it was originally sent.

Can I bookmark the website to save a step as I receive additional electronic transcripts?

No, the website link is unique for each specific electronic transcript. Bookmarking the URL will result in an error message if you attempt to retrieve a different transcript.

Do I need special software to open the transcript?

You must open it with Adobe Reader version 6.04 or higher.

How can I be sure the transcript is an official, valid transcript?

When you download the PDF document, you will see a valid certificate message at the top of the page. There will be a blue ribbon displayed to the left of the message to verify that it is official.

How can I know if the transcript is not valid?

You can know that the transcript is not valid if the document certification message is "UNKNOWN" and there is a question mark to the left of the message. This means the author could not be verified.

You can also know that the transcript is not valid if the document certification message is "INVALID."

Do not accept an electronic transcript directly from the student as an official transcript. Official CCU transcripts are only delivered directly from Colorado Christian University.

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