Evaluation of Foreign Education

Evaluation of Foreign Education

Resources for Foreign Education Evaluation

To be accepted to our programs, your degree work, course work, and transcripts that have been obtained in a country other than the United States must be evaluated. The companies that evaluate your work must be chosen from the list provided. They are qualified by being members of NACES and meet the requirements set forth by this University. Evaluation fees must be paid by the applicant and it is the applicant's responsibility to supply the results to this college for proper enrollment. Be sure that you submit proper documents. They must be original and not copies.

NameSpecialtyElectronic Transfer AvailabilityAnticipated Turn Around
GCE Global Credential Evaluators, Inc.
Email: gce@gceus.com
All countries and degree contentEmail1 day
Educational Perspectives
Email: info@edperspective.org
All countries and all degree content; Theology classesEmail5 Business Days
Educational Records Evaluation Services
Email: edu@eres.com
All countries and degree content; does not do syllabus evaluationsElectronic secure site to college to view and general email7 to 10 days
International Academic Credential Evaluators
Email: staff@iacei.net
All countries all content and course evaluations; Theology classes; Catalog matchesElectronic site available5 to 7 days
International Education Research Foundation
Email: information@ierf.org
All countries all content and course evaluations including Theology classesEmail and electronic15 to 20 days
Foundation for International Services
Email: info@fis-web.com
All countries all content and course evaluations; specializing in Nursing; NO TheologyEmail10 days
World Education Services
Email: info@wes.org
Most content classes; NO Theology; NOT all African countriesEmail5 to 10 days
Education Credential Evaluations
Email: eval@ece.org
All countries and contentsEmail15 to 20 days
CGFNS International
BSN and MSN students

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