Online Courses for Criminal Justice Degree

Online Courses for Criminal Justice Degree

Curriculum for CCU's Master's Degree in Criminal Justice

Due to the growth in sophisticated domestic and international terrorists, cyber-criminals, expanded availability and use of illicit drugs, demands for transparency in government, and expanded concerns about civil liberty and race relations, increased expectations have been put in place, expanding the responsibility and accountability upon criminal justice professionals — resulting in additional competency requirements, which CCU's top accredited program is designed to achieve. 

At CCU, the Master of Science in Criminal Justice curriculum is designed to provide a broad, but sound overview of criminal justice in order to increase leadership capability to the functioning professionals as well as command-level personnel in law enforcement and other areas of criminal justice who view the justice system through a Christian worldview.

For online courses, CCU students utilize Blackboard Learn, a leading solution in electronic education, to participate in classes that blend the latest in eLearning technology with the latest education theory and practice. Students attend classes electronically, do research using the Internet, exchange email, and participate in online discussions. Even assignments and tests are submitted online.

Criminal Justice Courses

Students are required to complete 12 courses (36 credit hours) for the M.S. in Criminal Justice degree.

Coursework in the Criminal Justice master's degree program is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of all aspects of criminal justice, including ethical leadership principles, criminal law, management of criminal investigations, emergency preparedness, human resource management, organizational systems and change management.

Some Foundational Courses Include:

  • Leadership in Criminal Justice (CRJ 501). This course explores contemporary management practices to the field of criminal justice. The course will study mission, discipline, moral, safety, community and race relations, integrity and ethics, root causes of crime, professional standards, public trust, race and gender and other issues confronting those in leadership positions.
  • Leadership Theory and Practice in Criminal Justice (CRJ 511). This course helps students understand the theories and realities of the managerial functions and processes in organizations. It also explores organizational leadership/”followership” issues with special emphasis on the Biblical principles related to organizational leadership.
  • Public Information and Civic Engagement (CRJ 565). This course introduces students to the process and principles of public engagement, public response and public information, including dealing with the media. Students will be equipped with communication and presentation skills that will help them effectively communicate issues, build trust and create transparency in a governmental organization.
  • Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice (CRJ 605). This course examines current issues in criminal justice, best practices for addressing these issues and reactive policy formation. The course explores violence, the psychological underpinnings of human aggression and appropriate techniques for prevention and intervention.

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