BSN Admission Requirements

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BSN Requirements & Prerequisites: Adult Undergraduate Student Pathway

Step 1: Apply for admission to the College of Adult and Graduate Studies to complete your BSN prerequisites.

Prior to admission to the BSN program, students must complete BSN program prerequisites as Pre-Nursing students either by transfer credit or online in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS).

Note: Admission to CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies does not guarantee admission to the BSN program through the adult undergraduate pathway.

Step 2: Apply for admission to the BSN program.

During the fall semester prior to entering their junior year, Pre-Nursing students may apply for admission to the BSN program.

CAGS students enter the BSN program once annually in May and all applications must be submitted by the December 1 deadline.

At the time of application, students must have completed all 21 biological science prerequisite credit hours and have no more than 6 general education (non-science) prerequisite credit hours remaining.

Students must also meet the following admission requirements for the CAGS BSN program:

  • Have a cumulative collegiate GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Have a cumulative GPA in science prerequisite courses of 3.0.
  • Receive a minimum grade of "C" in all courses.
  • Retakes of CCU science courses are limited to one per course.
  • All science prerequisite courses must have been completed within the last 5 years.
  • Are not on probation and have no disqualifying offenses
  • Successfully pass the ATI TEAS exam with the following proficiency levels: English – 66.7%, math – 71.9, reading – 74.5%, science – 57.4%, and an overall TEAS score of 68%. These are established national benchmarks. The TEAS exam may be retaken multiple times at student's expense.
  • Successfully complete an interview in the spring of their sophomore year with the Nursing Admission Progression and Retention Committee.
  • Pass an interview in the spring of their sophomore year with BSN staff/faculty.
  • Pass a background check following completion of all prerequisite coursework. Be sure to review the list of disqualifying offenses.
  • Pass a drug screen.
  • Complete the Student Physical Exam Form (PDF).

Note: Admission to the BSN Nursing program does not guarantee licensure at the completion of the program. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they meet all licensure requirements.

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