College of Undergraduate Studies Partners

Partner and Legacy scholarships

Colorado Christian University offers several scholarships to students associated with our partner organizations who meet the selection criteria requirements. In addition, CCU has established the Legacy Scholarship, designed to assist children and/or siblings of CCU alumni and current students to continue the CCU tradition. Please see the Legacy and Partner Scholarships for details.

Additional program offerings for Christian high schools

  • CCU offers employee education seminars on how to prepare college-bound children for their college experience. Seminar topics can include:
    • Navigating the complexities of financial aid
    • Choosing a Christian college
    • Making the transition to college life as a student
    • Making the transition to college life as a parent of a college bound freshman
    • Understanding unique gifting from God as a college bound freshman
    • Weighing and measuring staying home or leaving the state for college
    • How the college athletic recruiting cycle works
  • Internship and employment opportunities for your organization with CCU students and graduates. Your organization can take advantage of an employment resource that includes more than 1,000 talented undergraduate students for internships, and thousands of gifted and Christ-centered graduates in multiple disciplines including education, ministry, business, music, and more.
  • Chapel resources including full chapel message, praise and worship service based on your guiding Scripture or verse, or a message that the Lord has pressed upon your organization.
  • CCU Preview events and private campus tours for employees with their families and college-bound high school students, including opportunities to meet our faculty, tour campus, attend chapel and classes, attend student life events, and for the student(s) to spend the night with a CCU student-host in our student apartments.
  • Complimentary local transportation to and from CCU for a local group to visit our campus or attend one of our Preview events.

For more information about our Partner Initiatives, please contact Jo Leda Martin.

If you are a Christian high school interested in becoming a CCU partner, please contact the Office of Admissions at 303-963-3200. New partner applications for Fall 2019 will be accepted until October 1.