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Leave the traditional campus behind and make the world your classroom! Colorado Christian University aims not only to give students an unforgettable study abroad experience, but ultimately desires to develop students into global citizens. Whether you are studying Spanish in Ecuador, Art in Italy, or Global Health in Uganda, your study abroad experience will expand your horizons and will forever change the way you engage the world.

As our world becomes increasingly global, the CCU community feels evermore called not only to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth, but to also experience its culture, traditions, and people. What better way to immerse yourself in another culture than by living there every day? Studying, living, eating, breathing other people's worlds — other people's realities — not only expands our worldview, but it opens our eyes to all of God's creation and our opportunity to exist within it.

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CCU's Study Abroad Partners

CCU's study abroad partners offer programs in 20 countries and offer courses relevant to nearly every major while also offering students unique opportunities in terms of field-based internships, language acquisition, and cultural assimilation experiences. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to make your CCU education a truly global experience that will last a lifetime!

CCCU GobalEd (offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities) — Middle East, Nashville, Oxford, and Washington, D.C.

Living and Learning International — Ecuador and Italy

Study Abroad Lithuania (offered through Lithuania Christian University) — Lithuania

Veritas Christian Study Abroad — Brazil, Czech Republic, Chile, Costa Rica, England, France, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain

If you're even considering studying abroad just a little bit, just do it! Although it may seem daunting and scary at first, it's all worth it! You really open yourself to a whole new culture and experience that you can't get anywhere else! Studying abroad is 100% worth it and was truly the greatest 5 months of my life!
- Paige, BestSemester Australia Study Abroad Program

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