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Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication (B.A.)

Learn to think creatively and strategically, with solid writing, visual, and technical skills.

Optional Emphases: Digital Media, Public Relations

Colorado Christian University's Strategic Communication major is designed for students across a variety of fields who wish to learn how to communicate effectively in a new digital age and impact our world with grace and truth. Strategic Communication graduates are prepared to work in fields ranging from marketing to corporate or nonprofit communications, to digital storytelling, as well as pursue advanced degrees.

Offered through the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Strategic Communication major is on the leading edge of the changes occurring in the communication industry. Students are equipped with the professional skills they will need for vocations including public relations, strategic communication, marketing, and digital media.

Why Strategic Communications at CCU?

Strategic Communication at CCU is unique in its broad educational framework for professional and career roles in churches, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations. Graduates are digitally savvy and able to think creatively and critically, with solid writing, visual, and technical skills, and the capacity to think strategically about the role of communication in society.

    • Fundamentals of Strategic Communication: Students will identify the major theories and development of the field of strategic communication, its role in society, and its relationship with similar areas such as public relations, communication, marketing, and social media.
    • Critical thinking and research: Students will develop critical thinking skills and the capacity to analyze media messages, discover trends, and examine strategic communication.
    • Creativity: Students will engage the creative process by analyzing trends, exploring examples of creativity, and producing innovative, responsive strategic communication campaigns.
    • Industry knowledge: Students will understand the structure of the field of strategic communication, its main actors, and the future of the industry.
    • Technical knowledge: Students will learn industry required software, and demonstrate technical proficiency in audiovisual production, social media management, and graphic design.
    • Professional readiness: Students will prepare for professional life by generating a robust portfolio of digital work samples, such as writing pieces, social media campaigns, strategic communication campaigns, and audiovisual materials.
    • Faith integration: Students will demonstrate the integration of faith with communication knowledge and skills.
  • University Public Relations Agency

    The CCU student-run public relations agency operates within CCU’s academic environment to provide hands-on experience in public relations, as well as advertising, marketing, and social media. Students apply concepts they learn to projects and campaigns for real clients with faculty oversight, gaining real-world experience and improving their collaboration and interpersonal skills.

    Speech and Debate Team

    CCU students have a long history of success in debate competitions and the Speech and Debate Team has won a national championship. Students gain skills in communicating with persuasion and precision in their current and future work.

What can you do with a degree in strategic communication?

  • Social media community managers
  • Public relations specialist
  • Event planners
  • Online editors
  • Advertising executives
  • Marketing executives

Personalize Your Degree

Digital Media Minor or Emphasis

The Digital Media minor introduces students to the field of social media, digital communication, and technology. It is designed to provide students with the visual and technical skills to understand the impact of social media in society, acquire technical skills in web and graphic design, produce digital content, and embrace the idea of innovation.

Public Relations Minor or Emphasis

The Public Relations minor is a great complement to students in academic programs such as Business, Biblical Studies, Music Education, Management, Marketing, Theatre, Leadership, and others who want to learn how to communicate effectively, practically, and creatively within their fields. Students learn organizational messaging strategies and campaigns and develop digital media skill sets to serve nonprofit organizations and social enterprise corporations, both locally and abroad.

About the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is united by a commitment to academic scholarship and the integration of faith into the learning process, helping you become an informed Christian scholar who is ready to lead and to make an impact on the world as you prepare for a career in humanities or social sciences. Academic programs provide excellent in-class instruction as well as relevant and experiential assignments designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge required for your chosen career.

The Humanities and Social Sciences faculty is dedicated to you as an individual student. Our professors are intelligent scholars and gifted teachers, but they are also mentors who care about helping you grow. You'll take courses in communication, psychology, and social science and will be able to apply what you are learning in the classroom by participating in academic clubs, attending professional and academic conferences, taking advantage of internship opportunities, and by studying abroad.

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