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Dual Enrollment Registration

Dual Enrollment Registration

Register for CCU Academy Dual Enrollment Online Courses

Registration is Open

CCU Academy online dual enrollment course registration is open from October 19, 2020 - January 4, 2021 for the spring 2021 semester. Read important details below.

Before you Register

Check course availability.

Students, please begin by checking with your high school to see which online dual enrollment courses are currently available. Homeschool and independent students will simply select "CCU Academy Online" within the dropdown selection of high schools.

Know important dates.

Be familiar with the academic calendar for the dual enrollment online courses. You must register for a course before it begins.

Explore transfer credit policies.

Contact your prospective universities (institutions) of interest prior to registering for CCU Academy dual enrollment courses. College and universities, including Colorado Christian University, differ on how they accept AP, dual credit, and dual enrollment credit. Policies can vary from year to year and for various programs. CCU does not offer refunds for credits that do not transfer to institutions.

Gather your information.

Have your Social Security number and a credit card on hand at time of registration. Also, be sure to have your personal email, date of birth, high school graduation date, and expected college start-date. (International students do not need a SSN or taxpayer identification.) The cost of a CCU Academy dual enrollment online course is $100 per credit; plus the cost of a textbook.

Use a supported web browser.

Please complete the registration form using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. In addition, please avoid using the auto-fill function as it can cause errors.

The online registration form for CCU Academy dual enrollment online courses takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. If registration times out, you will need to start over.

Registration is successfully completed when you receive your confirmation page. The CCU ID and summary will be immediately emailed to you.


After you Register

set up your Digital Services Account (DSA).

After you register, you will receive a confirmation and will then receive a CCU ID. You will need to activate your Digital Services Account the next business day to access CCU's student resources.

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