Roommates at CCU

All students who live on campus enjoy apartment-style housing. Freshmen (first-year students) and some transfer students are housed in apartments that accommodate four or five individuals. Upperclassmen students are housed in apartments accommodating six or seven students.

Roommate assignments

During your first year at CCU, roommates are assigned based upon a number of factors: a specific roommate request, sleeping schedules/patterns, cleanliness preferences, study habits, academic majors, etc. We hope to give you a roommate with whom you can find some common ground, and we try to honor roommate requests if they are mutual.

If you know of someone else attending CCU or meet someone at a CCU event, such as Preview of Admitted Student Advantage, and think you'd like to live together, you can ask to be roommates and we'll try to get you together in an apartment.

You will receive your housing and roommate assignments after you are admitted to CCU. Please see the Admitted Student Checklist for information about the housing application process.

Returning students

Returning CCU students select their own roommates and can even choose specific apartments for the coming year during the prior spring semester. Students often enjoy meeting people with similar involvement or common hobbies during their freshman year and then choose to live with them throughout their time at CCU.

Living well with roommates

Roommate contract

Living with new people in a new environment offers great opportunities to make friends, build life-long relationships, create outstanding memories, and engage fully in community life.

Community living may also present challenges because many students coming to college have never shared a room (or a bathroom) with other people before. That's why we ask on-campus residents to be proactive in developing positive roommate relations.

During the first week of school, you'll sit down with your roommates and resident assistant (RA) to develop a roommate contract, which helps you and your roommates talk through pet peeves, sleep schedules, apartment cleaning schedules, and the use other roommates' personal property.

The contract serves as an official documentation of the roommates' mutual agreement to respect each other and their commitment to do their best to live in unity.

Roommate conflict resolution

CCU's on-campus housing encourages open communication between its residents. This encourages individual responsibility and ownership for actions and expects maturity from students when dealing with matters of conflict.

If a roommate conflict arises, it is the roommates' responsibility to first address each other and resolve their differences as is encouraged in Scripture (Matthew 18:15).

If the conflict requires mediation or assistance from a third party, the students' resident assistant (RA), resident director (RD), or a University Counseling center staff member may be used as resources.

When all options have been exhausted to resolve a conflict in a mature and Christ-like manner or in extreme situations, Residence Life reserves the right to make necessary changes in a student's living arrangement in the best interest of the CCU community.

See the CCU Student Handbook for additional information.