Biblical and Theological Studies Comparison

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Differences Between Biblical Studies and Theology

While many people use the terms Bible and Theology synonymously, they are actually quite different.

The chart below contrasts the difference between biblical studies and theology. This will help you determine whether CCU's M.A. in Biblical Studies or M.A. in Theological Studies can best meet your educational goals. If you still have questions after viewing the theology vs. biblical studies information, contact your enrollment counselor!

The Bible & Biblical Studies
Theology & Theological Studies
Learn to think biblically Learn to think theologically
Develop effective tools for biblical interpretation Encounter the doctrines of God, human redemption and other major theological doctrines in Scripture
Discover methods for analyzing Scripture Investigate the foundational value of Jesus Christ's life and work and God's establishment of His church
Evaluate how the reliability of the Bible supports personal faith Explore the rich history and traditions of the Christian church
Apply biblical principles to everyday life challenges Discover the practices of Christian spiritual formation
Explore the full range of God's self-revelation, from Genesis to Revelation Engage the arts and culture through a theological approach
Locate historical events and important persons meaningful to the interpretation of Scripture Develop a rational defense for a Christian worldview
Create effective study and teaching resources to engage listeners and communicate the Gospel Probe Scripture and theological writings in order to create a truly Christian, ethical way to live

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