Master's in Biblical Studies Curriculum

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Curriculum in the Biblical Studies Master's Degree Program

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies focuses on the exegesis and interpretation of specific sections and books of the Bible. The degree equips students to be competent in biblical exegesis, the practical use of the biblical languages, and understanding the culture and land of the Bible.

Many people use the terms Bible and Theology synonymously but they are actually quite different. Compare Biblical Studies and Theological Studies master's degrees.

The 39 credit-hour degree is designed to be completed online within two years of intensive study. Students may hold full-time jobs during the course of study. All work applied toward a master’s degree must be completed within four years from the date of enrollment.

CCU students participate in theology classes that blend the latest in eLearning technology with the latest business theory and practice. Students attend classes online, do research using the Internet, exchange e-mails, and participate in online discussions. Even assignments and tests are submitted online.

Highlighted Courses

Students are required to complete 13 courses for the M.A. in Biblical Studies.

Some of the foundational courses include:

  • Interpreting the Bible I (BIB 522). The student will learn how to create charts on biblical books, sections, and sub-sections to enhance competency in the science of biblical interpretation. The student will also become competent to exegete passages from the English Bible, as well as the use of Hebrew and Greek Lexicons.
  • The Biblical Canon and Textual Criticism (BIB 558). This course traces the development of the Biblical Canon from its inception to its close and investigates the text of the Canon by comparing manuscript with manuscript in order to discern its canonicity.
  • Biblical Studies Capstone (BIB 699). The Capstone draws upon all that the student has learned through their degree program and requires the student to design a practical and academic research project that will demonstrate his/her understanding of Scripture and a plan to share it with others.

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