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Tuition and Fees for Master's Degrees in the School of Counseling

The tuition rates shown apply to the master's degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, and the Dual Degree: Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling at Colorado Christian University.

Payment or payment arrangements for all charges are due in full at the time of registration to secure course enrollment. Review the Financial Aid website for information on financial aid and scholarships.

  • The tuition and fees below are effective for the Summer 2023, Fall 2023, and Spring 2024 semesters.


    M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling courses (CSL/MFT/SUD) – per credit hour

    M.A. School Counseling (LSC) courses – per credit hour

    M.A. School Counseling (LSC) courses discounted graduate tuition for Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard service members and dependents – per credit hour

    Course Fees

    All course fees are per course unless otherwise specified.

    CSL/LSC/MFT/SUD-514 – Time to Track Software (yearly license)

    CSL-516 – Spiritual Formation Retreat

    CSL-580 – Residency Fee (non-refundable)

    CSL/LSC/MFT/SUD-581 – Residency Fee (non-refundable)

    CSL/LSC/MFT/SUD-582 – Residency Fee (non-refundable)

    CSL-621 – Community Engagement Activity (in-seat only)

    CSL-621 – Role Play Video Software (yearly license)

    CSL-623 – Community Engagement Activity (in-seat only)

    CSL-641 – Community Engagement Activity (in-seat only)

    CSL-643 – Online Testing Platform Licensing Fee

    CSL-645 – Community Engagement Activity (in-seat only)

    CSL/LSC-655 – Time to Track Software (yearly license)

    CSL-663 – Community Engagement Activity (in-seat only)

    CSL-665 – New Student and Professional Practice Orientation (in-seat only)

    CSL-672 – Community Engagement Activity (in-seat only)

    CSL-674 – Skillsetter

    CSL-680 – Community Engagement Activity (in-seat only)

    CSL/LSC/MFT/SUD-681 – Residency Fee (non-refundable)

    LSC-631 – LSC-631 Time to Track Software (yearly license)

    Resource Fee (see details)

    Technology Resources (per credit hour)

    Textbooks and Course Materials (per credit hour)

    Students may choose to opt out of automated delivery of required textbooks and purchase their textbooks instead.

Miscellaneous Fees

Account Service Charge: Open accounts (other than approved installment plans) are subject to a per-month service charge on the unpaid balance, including prior service charges
1.5% per month,
18% annually

NBS e-Cashier enrollment fee (per semester)

Course Extension administrative fee (per credit hour)

Returned check fee, per check

Compliance Fee - Maryland rules (residents only, per credit hour)

Official Transcripts

Note: Tuition and fees may be subject to change without notice.

For questions about your CCU charges, contact Student Financial Services at 303-963-3040 to speak with a Financial Advisor. Current account information is always accessible in your Self-Service Finance account.

Courses must be dropped before the drop deadline to receive a full reversal of tuition and fees. Students are financially and academically responsible for any course(s) not dropped by the drop deadline.

Discounted Tuition

Additional discounts and institutional scholarships cannot be combined with discounted tuition offerings.

Resource Fee

The resource fee covers technology resources, textbooks, and course materials for students in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS). All students must pay the technology portion of the fee except for Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard service members and dependents enrolled in undergraduate programs. Most required textbooks and course materials will be automatically delivered in digital format to CAGS students through CCU's Slingshot program. If a digital textbook is not available for the course, the student will receive a printed rental version at no additional cost. Students who prefer physical textbooks may upgrade to receive printed rental textbooks for an additional cost. Students who register for a class less than 10 days before the class start date will incur an additional expedited shipping fee for physical books. All textbooks provided through Slingshot must be returned at the end of the class.

The resource fee is non-refundable for students who administratively drop or withdraw from a class after the drop deadline. For students who are registered for courses with no required textbooks, or if there is no use of the Slingshot program for whatever reason, the textbook and course materials portion of the resource fee will not be charged. Students may opt out of the textbook portion of the resource fee if they prefer to purchase their textbooks from another source. For additional information, read our Slingshot program FAQs.

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