Dual Degrees for Adult Students

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Fast Track your Graduate Degree and Save $5,000!

Adult Students: Are you interested in earning both your bachelor's and master's degrees?

The Bachelor's to Master's Dual Degree programs offered through CCU Online can help you complete both your bachelor's and master's degrees in less time and also save you money! Plus, you have the option to complete both degrees 100% online.

How does it work? Start taking classes in your bachelor's degree program at CCU. After completing 60 credits, you may begin taking master's-level coursework available in your program. Graduate courses completed for your bachelor's degree will then apply toward your master's degree.

$5,000 Scholarship for CCU Alumni

If you earned your bachelor's degree at Colorado Christian University or any of our heritage institutions, you may qualify for our $5,000 Alumni Scholarship to earn your master's degree from CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies.

Get a Head Start on Your Master's Degree

Bachelor's to Master's Dual Degree Programs

Master's Degree Classes Completed During Bachelor's Degree *

3 of 13 classes completed (23%)

3 of 13 classes completed (23%)

2 of 10 classes completed (20%)

3 of 13 classes completed (23%)

Organizational Management in Enterprise Agility*** to MBA with an emphasis in Enterprise Agility
3 of 13 classes completed (23%)

* The number of classes completed toward the master's degree upon completion of the related bachelor's degree. Some bachelor's degrees require students to choose qualifying graduate-level courses to meet the requirements for a dual degree program.

** If an M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling student needs a third semester of internship to meet program requirements, one additional class must be completed.

***This program is no longer offered by CCU. However, CCU will honor the dual degree credit for those who participated in the program when it was offered.

Dual Master's Degrees in Counseling

Earn two degrees at the same time — in a fraction of the time. CCU offers a Dual Degree: Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Master of Arts in School Counseling. By declaring the dual degree track, you can earn two counseling master's degrees for 75 credit hours instead of 120 in as little as three years, even with a full-time job. This cost-effective, time-reducing pathway prepares you for licensure in both fields and expands your counseling career opportunities.


When can students start taking graduate-level programs in the bachelor's degree?

Students need a minimum of 60 earned credits (junior status) to take graduate courses.

Will students in a dual degree bachelor's program be guaranteed admission to the graduate program?

No, students must apply for admission to the graduate program and meet all admission requirements.

What tuition rate do students pay for the graduate-level courses within your bachelor's degree?

Students enrolled in a bachelor's degree program in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies will pay the graduate program tuition rate for the graduate-level courses. Visit our tuition website for details.

Does undergraduate financial aid cover the graduate courses in the bachelor's degree?

Yes, students can apply their undergraduate financial aid to all courses, including graduate-level, in their bachelor's degree.

State Exclusions for Online Students

Colorado Christian University is required by the U.S. Department of Education to be in compliance with state laws regarding where we can offer distance and/or online education. The College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University offers courses to online students in all states with some exceptions for specific academic programs.

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