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Bachelor of Science in Finance (B.S.)

Program Options: Major, Minor, and Dual Degree

Do you have a knack for numbers and enjoy helping others make wise decisions with their money through careful strategy, stewardship, and critical thinking? The Finance major at Colorado Christian University sets you on the path to combine your passions for numbers and ideas with your faith, while preparing you to work at a high level of expertise in all areas of finance.

Careers in the finance industry are perpetually in high demand, but come with high-level competition. A key to setting yourself apart in the market is to equip yourself with the education, skills, and stewardship that corporations, non-profits, and individuals can trust. Offered through CCU's School of Business and Leadership, the Bachelor of Science degree in Finance prepares you to stand out in the field and will help launch your career in a specialized direction. The courses for this major are uniquely designed to provide a broad look at business training and careers involving the various aspects of finance, equipping you in the foundational areas of the field with a measured depth of integrated understanding in all aspects of business and finance.

The Finance major at Colorado Christian University offers a breadth of training in business to include leadership, accounting, marketing, and economics, as well as provides a focus in finance for managers and investing. You will study the full investment and financial management process, including asset valuation, raising funds, cost of capital, budgeting, and forecasting. You will also have the ability to select courses that match your expected career path, including derivatives, FinTech, new venture start-up financing, and international finance.


The dual degree option allows you to earn your Bachelor of Science in Finance while completing some of the coursework toward CCU's Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Leadership or Project Management , saving you time and money when you enroll in a graduate program. Learn more about CCU's dual degree programs.

Finance at CCU

A finance degree from CCU is extremely valuable to individuals and corporations looking to entrust their financial future to someone not only with reliable strategies and skills, but also with integrity and godly character. A Christian framework for all areas of business and finance is the structure that differentiates Colorado Christian University's finance major from other finance degrees. By fostering a Christian approach to business – rather than simply being a Christian in the business realm – you'll learn that the virtues specific to your Christian life can shape the everyday practices of the marketplace. Our desire is to teach you how to be salt and light in a secular business world.

Our finance degree teaches you in-demand skills in data analytics, risk management, capital allocation, and investment strategy, while also equipping you to connect your faith to your profession by working through ethical issues related to finance and discovering best practices in being a good steward with financial resources.

What can you do with a degree in finance?
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Financial Examiner
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Loan Officer

The finance industry expects stable growth in employment of all business and financial operations occupations and is projected to grow 7% by 2028, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Interesting Classes You Might Take
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Investments and Portfolio Management
  • Financial Management Strategies
  • Financial Technologies and Innovation

Course Catalog

About the School of Business and Leadership

The mission of the School of Business and Leadership is to prepare competent and ethical graduates. At CCU, "ethics" isn’t just the topic of the day, but is central to how we operate in business and in everyday life. We teach that ethics must rely upon an understanding of morality based upon Scripture and a Christian worldview, and that sets our business students apart.

The School of Business and Leadership offers a variety of academic programs ranging from Accounting and Economics to Leadership, Marketing, Management and Technology. Courses are taught CCU School of Business and Leadership faculty who have outstanding, competitive academic credentials and relevant practitioner experience.

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