Politics Major

B.A. in Politics

The study of Politics at Colorado Christian University deliberately combines philosophic breadth and theological insight with practical relevance. Students explore human nature and ethics along with political and economic power and history. They are led to grapple with the meaning and significance of the American founding, with the relation of virtue and liberty to the rule of law and human happiness, with America’s role in the world, and with the current political landscape.

There are many careers open to students of Politics, from law school or graduate school, to work in state and local government, to jobs as diplomats, intelligence analysts, or Capitol Hill staffers in Washington, to work in NGO’s and social enterprises. The key is to use college as a time to explore and confirm how exactly God may be calling you to serve your community and your country.

The Politics programs at CCU also offer you several internship opportunities, including at the Colorado General Assembly. The annual Washington Week seminar provides you an opportunity to meet with government officials, policy analysts, and members of the news media. You may also work alongside CCU’s public policy think tank, the Centennial Institute.

Politics Course Catalog
    1. Identify key figures and articulate important ideas of political philosophy, and deploy them to analyze American politics, institutions, policies, and international relations.
    2. Demonstrate competent knowledge of comparative political systems, international relations, and foreign policy.
    3. Articulate constitutional principles and apply them to the institutions and challenges in current American politics.
    4. Develop a personal philosophy of statesmanship, and articulate the integration of politics with a biblical worldview.
    5. Demonstrate growing ability at critical thinking and analysis, and communicate and defend ideas persuasively and cogently on the basis of evidence and sound research.
  • Speech and Debate team and Moot Court

    CCU Politics students have a long history of success in both debate and moot court competitions. The Speech and Debate team has won a national championship at the National Christian College Forensics Invitational and a top finish at the Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament. Our Moot Court team has consistently had top individual and team finishers in regional and national competitions.

    Public Policy Think Tank

    Centennial Institute is CCU’s public policy think tank. The Institute’s mission is to sponsor research, events, and publications to enhance public understanding of the most important issues facing the state and nation. 1776 Scholars is a Centennial Institute program for CCU students who are passionate about cultivating their political knowledge and transforming American government. Scholars engage in three pursuits: learning, networking, and activism. Through dynamic speakers, behind-the-scenes connections to government and nonprofit leaders, and meaningful political engagement, Scholars develop skills and experience to become informed, pioneering civic leaders.

Politics at CCU

As a Politics student at CCU, you will be provided with a solid and coherent foundation of your political and civic responsibilities and will be required to take them seriously. CCU is an institution that is convictionally Christian and principally conservative — thus, our students learn how to examine public policy from a perspective informed by Christian faith and traditions. This provides graduates with the concepts and methods for analyzing the role and impact of political players and institutions across the world, while integrating theological principles within the context of current political affairs and good citizenship.

CCU Politics Alumni

CCU alumni with politics degree
Tony Black ’14

Tony Black went on to complete his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. He is now an associate attorney at Jones Day, an international law firm located in Washington, D.C.

ccu alumni with history degree
Brittany Vessely ’12

Brittany Vessely has served in numerous roles for political organizations including, the American Enterprise Institute, Ed Choice, the Heritage Foundation, the John Jay Institute, and currently as executive director of Catholic Education Partners.


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    In the 2020-21 academic year, 99% of traditional undergraduate students received some form of financial aid, with over $23 million distributed in scholarships and grants.

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